Kick Ass Mamas 

So, here’s something fun. A gal in my Kick Ass Cancer Mama group created a video featuring several of us. I love it because I was able to see my fellow survivor sisters in action with their little’s. But I also love it because it shows how we are not alone in this battle. This tiny sampling shows that there are just too many women diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. The video is about 10 minutes long but- oh, so worth it! Wyatt and I make an appearance around the 2:15 mark. I know several of you have shown interest in these ladies so I wanted to share.

This past weekend, we got to see the comedian Tig Notaro. Ahhhhhh-mazing! We had great seats and it was a fantastic show. A massive thank you to my friend Kai and her family for gifting us the tickets and getting mama out of the house for a night! I guess chemo getting pushed back turned out to be a good thing since I was able to go out and not be super sick.

Before Tig’s show

Another bonus of chemo getting pushed is that I’m pretty sure I will be able to attend the Young Survivor Coalition Summit in March. My surgery was supposed to be right around that time, but I’m thinking now it will be the week after the summit. I am super excited to go and I’ll even get to meet some of the other cancer mamas in person! 

As my next AC approaches, I keep thinking about how it reminds me of swimming in the ocean. For the record, I’m not really a fan of swimming in the ocean. It’s cold. And weird stuff touches your feet. Anyways- You’re floating around and then suddenly a big ass wave is heading your way. You duck under and hope for the best. The wave crushes you into the ocean floor. Pulls your bottoms right down to your knees and now you have sand up your crack. Then in an instant, your upside down, seaweed tangled around your body. You’re not sure if you can make it up before you desperately need that next breath. You’re flipping and spinning underwater as the wave wooshes you towards the shore. Suddenly you realize you’ve made it out. Gasping for air, you notice your boob is completely out of your top and you’re mooning the entire world with your bare ass. But fuck it, all you care about is that you can breathe again.

The last wave was super rough but I made it out ok. I’ve pulled up my bottoms and put my boobs back. And maybe the next wave will be more mellow. 

Stay tuned. 

6 thoughts on “Kick Ass Mamas 

  1. You made me laugh… quite the description of fun ocean activities…. here’s to a nice refreshing pool with calm waters for you to swim in. You’ve got this!

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  2. Your writing is out of this world!!! You have me laughing and craving the next blog! You are such an inspiration and a total kick ass mama!!! Sending love ❤

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