Xeloda- Cycle 7

This morning, I had a follow up appointment with my oncologist- to check in and see how I am handling the Xeloda. And honestly, I feel fine on it. I feel so fine that I asked my onc if I should continue on Xeloda for longer than originally planned and she reminded me it’s still a chemo and that I need to remember it’s still taking a toll on my body. I have gotten so used to my skin peeling and being super dry, it just feels normal. I no longer have the severe pain in my hands and feet so I guess I appreciate only having un-fricken-believably dry skin.

I’m currently in the middle of cycle 7 and will be done after the 8th cycle. What’s next? Yeah, I had the same question. Although, I ‘think’ I sounded a little less dramatic than what plays over in my head. Well, next- my oncologist is looking into a low dose aspirin trial. Studies are being conducted to see if low dose aspirin can help prevent metastasis and reoccurrence. The study calls for post menopausal women- me, who were diagnosed with stage 2 or 3 bc- also me. The only thing that could prevent me from participating in the trial is that since I did chemo first and then surgery, I went from stage 3 to stage 1 (because of the residual tumor cells found at surgery). I will have more information on this when I see her in February, towards the end of my final cycle of Xeloda.

Yoga teacher training has been amazing. Our group has this strong, rad energy and our teachers are so inspiring and knowledgeable, I’m proud of the education I’m receiving from such a fantastic studio. We are only about a month in but I can already tell, this group of gals will remain an important part of my life.

The only bummer about teacher training is not seeing John and the kids as much. Mom guilt is real and it’s a bitch. With work, training, additional asana classes, and studying… I feel like I’m missing out. The other night, Harlon told me that they went to Target without me. Man, I don’t even know if they actually went but it got to me. It’s only Target, I get that. But you understand me, yeh? But don’t you worry, I took the boys to Target today. Gotta stock up on those Uncrustables and Chicken Dino’s, obvi.

And this is my friend- Amanda. A fellow KACM. Who I actually got to squeeze in real life here in Orange County last weekend. I won’t lie though- on my way to meet her, part of me felt like I was on MTV’s Catfish and she was going to be some creeper from the inter webs. Thankfully, she’s just what I hoped for- a sassy and super witty buddy fo’ life.

Not much else to report- which isn’t always a bad thing. 🤗


New Year, Same Me 😉

Let’s be real, 2017 was a total mind fuck for so many of us, am I right? I mean, the highs were super high but the lows…. shit, man- the lows were so low. That’s how life plays out though, I guess. With my diagnosis in particular, there’s still continued comfort in knowing that I’m not alone. There’s anger in knowing that I’m not alone. All while sometimes feeling so alone. But like I said, life, overall, has its ups and downs- for all of us. So I’m trying to remind myself often of something a friend recently said- “Worrying is borrowing trouble from the future.” Just another reminder to try and be more present.

I’m presently really excited to go into the new year with my yoga teacher training program through Yoga Sol. Tomorrow is my first meeting and I am suuuuuuper pumped. Like little kid at Christmas pumped. Like fist pumping pumped. Like that kid on the Disney commercial from like 20 years ago pumped. You get it. I’ll be attending classes every Wednesday evening, all day Saturdays and some Fridays- through the end of March and- have I mentioned- I’m pretty pumped about it.

Treatment wise, I’m back on that X. My side effects remain tolerable. A couple of minor mouth sores, dry skin, and a gnarly split between my right pinky toe and foot. Again though, all tolerable. So most likely, when I see my oncologist later this month, I’ll continue with 2 more cycles. Which I am very cool with.

For those of you wondering, we have officially moved into our new home (about 7 minutes down the road) and are almost completely unpacked. We are digging the new place- even if Harlon says he sees bunnies hopping upstairs from room to room 😳. Feel free to message me for the new address. Maybe, you too, can come over and visit the bunnies.

Here’s wishing everyone a HEALTHY and HAPPY 2018.