Hot Mama 🔥

Hot flashes can suck it. Kick rocks. Fuck off. Whatever. I just want them to STAAAHHHPPP! 😩

I currently have the AC blasting, the ceiling fan on high, another standing fan on high, and two ice packs on me just so I can cool off enough to fall asleep… And I’m still sweating.

My hot flashes are getting progressively worse, leaving me with a perma-glow. They happen day and night, night and day. Sometimes, I have to get up and change my shirt in the middle of the night because I’m soaked. I’m constantly looking at the weather app to see when this heat wave will end…. answer- not anytime soon. I’ve been working with my doctor but we have yet to find sweat success. So if you see me out and about, please ignore my pit stains and sweat-stach. 👍🏻

Some less disgusting news- I am super excited to report that I am in the process of becoming a volunteer with Kaiser Hospital.

A little back tracking- When I started chemo, at one of my first treatments, a lady walked up to my chair and began chatting with me. She was a survivor and volunteered her time in the infusion center with patients undergoing treatment. I clearly remember her and saying that once I was out of treatment, I wanted to volunteer too.

Well, thanks to my amazing C Navigator, Brenda, I was introduced to the head of the Breast Cancer Peer Support Program a couple of months back. Once the background check and orientation/training is completed, I will begin connecting with other young people who’ve been recently diagnosed, as a peer support person.

This is actually a role that I’ve gladly stepped into since being diagnosed in August of 2016, just not via Kaiser. Since my diagnosis, I’ve been connected with several people through family, friends, friends of friends, my blog/social media, etc… and I truly enjoy it.

My hope is that, through Kaiser, I will be able to connect with more people and be able to help build an amazing community of fiercely strong, positive, and supported peeps. 💪🏻

4 thoughts on “Hot Mama 🔥

  1. So happy you are going to do that. Your positive ness is so amazing and gives hope to those going through this. Plus you are realistic and tell it like it is. You will help so many people. Bless you❤️


  2. Your attitude and willingness to never give up will be such an inspiration to other women going through this journey. Love you so much!


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