This Girl is on Fire… 

Cue Alicia Keys. Admit it, you just sang that in your head. Or maybe you’re more into this one: “It’s getting hot in herre…. ” but I won’t be taking off my clothes Mr. Nelly. I’d scare the children. Or maybe you prefer something a bit more old school: “And it burns, burns, burns, that ring of fire.” That’s right, Mr. Cash. Whichever your song choice, this shit burns. And itches reeeeaaaal bad. 

Last week, the radiation fatigue was intense but I’m feeling a bit more energized this week. You can now see the “exit dose” of radiation on my back. I noticed it because I started to feel itchy and asked the tech about it. Chuck told me that the radiation doesn’t stop once it hits your body, that shit powers on through. Literally. Thankfully I only have 4 more treatments left! 

Even better, there’s actually an end in sight when I look at all of my future appointments on my Kaiser app. Not to get too ahead of myself but it’s nice to know I won’t be heading to Kaiser every damn day. I love the peeps, I really do. But mama is ready to mellow out a bit. My last radiation treatment is on July 5th and my last physical therapy appointment is July 12th for my shoulder. Woot woot! 

For about the last week I’ve been dealing with some numbness and light tingling in my legs. My oncologist’s office seems to believe that it’s from the chemo and I will continue to have it on and off. Cooool. 

Also, Ive been in talks with my gynecologist about having my hysterectomy and ovary removal at the end of August but need to talk with my oncologist in regards to the timing of the oral chemo. I agree that I want it done sooner than later but I also feel like at some point, I think my body needs a break to get back on (some sort of) track. So maybe that means my hysterectomy can be pushed back since they already took out my fallopian tubes during the C section. We shall see. 

Fun fact: It’s easier to live in the present when you can’t remember the past. Frickin chemo brain. 

OH! And this ‘preemie’ baby of ours, is officially over the 50th percentile for weight and height! Chunk monster 💙

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