I had my Radiation Oncology consult yesterday. Looks like I will be having daily radiation (RADS- like the cool kids call it) for 25 sessions total. Five days a week, Monday through Friday, for 5 weeks. 😳 Annnnnnd I can’t bring the kids… so… I will be reaching out for help at that time. Radiation will take place after my surgery. I will have more information on what type of surgery/reconstruction and when, later this month after my plastic surgery consult. 
This morning I had a follow up Oncology appointment. She is still very pleased with how I am responding to treatment. Yay me! If my counts all stay up, it looks like I will be starting the AC drugs late December. This combo of drugs will likely bring on nausea/vomiting and extreme fatigue. Or maybe not. We will see. 
I feel like I am in a really good place right now. Physically I am feeling terrific. Just tired here and there. Never mind the massive bruise I have on my thigh from walking into a fire hydrant yesterday. For reals, I must have been walking with serious purpose after getting the mail- I was so interested in what could be in my first Birch Box. Didn’t even see it coming. I was like Peter on Family Guy. 
Mentally, I feel super strong. Of course, I have my moments but those pass. It helps when I see my doctors and they tell me how positive I look and how well I am responding to treatment.  I really love my doctors, nurses, and support staff at Kaiser.  They probably don’t know it, but I feel super pumped after I see them. Even chemo. I truly feel that I am on the right path to healing with everything I am doing and incorporating. 
Lots of people seem to be surprised at how positive I remain through all of this. I remind them that I don’t really have a choice. I have lot of people I am fighting for, not just myself. And what good would moping around do? I might as well give up then. Which WILL NEVER FUCKING HAPPEN 💪🏻

I re-posted a picture on Instagram yesterday that said: “You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved” Hell yes. That picture 100% hit home for me. But I hope it also hit home for lots of you. We are all going through some sort of shit. And if it’s possible to encourage others in your journey, allow that. 💖