Booby trap 

We had to take Wyatt back to the pediatrician today because she was concerned that he had lost too much weight since birth at our appointment yesterday. So we had about 18 hours to pack on those lbs. 😜. The appointment went well, he was up 2 ounces from yesterday and things are looking good. Yay! 

I figured, while we were with a medical professional, I’d ask her a quick question about myself. The night before, I had a sudden chill that was insane. I couldn’t speak, my jaw was rattling, I was shivering and just could not get warm. John and my brother’s fiancé Jessica covered me with quilts, put two pairs of socks on me and we called the nurse line. They were absolutely no help. I was finally able to warm up about 15 minutes later. That was some scary shit. 

It tripped us all out so I wondered if maybe the doctor had heard of this sort of thing happening to other moms post partum. Or perhaps she’d say that it was a side effect from one of my many medications. Nah. Instead she got me an appointment downstairs in urgent care. 

At this point, Aaron and Jessica- who had been at the Drs appointment with us- had to drive back up north to get home. And John was with the boys. We agreed he would take them home to get them out of Germ Town and come back for me when I was done. 

The doctor who examined me was a little on the harsh side at first. Mind you- I am beyond sleep deprived, a little stressed, in pain and just fucking over being at Kaiser- and I started to cry. A lot. Could. Not. Stop. And she let up. She rattled off several things that could have caused my chill episode. None of them sounded cool. Haha see what I did there? Chill? Cool? Yeah? Ok

They did X Rays, blood work, pee tests, hooked me up to an IV, and gave me a super special pelvic exam. After 5 hours it was determined that I have the beginning signs of mastitis. AKA a Swollen/infected boob. I need to continue with the cabbage and ice packs and was given antibiotics and a medicine not used anymore to stop my milk supply. 

Hey, remember back when I said I am kind of a big deal around Kaiser?   😉 Well I’m only getting more popular. The doctor didn’t even have to say my name to the hospital OB and Oncocologist on call and they knew who I was when she was collaborating. Like a Kardashian or something. Sarcasm. 

Luckily my friend Sully was able to meet me at urgent care earlier in the day to take me home once I was freed or to the ER if more tests were needed. We entered a whole new friend level today. 🍈🍈 My boobs are bigger than melons. For real. If I could detach them, I could easily knock someone out if I threw them. Weird visual huh? Anyways, poor Sully had to help me stretch my tank top over my boulders. We’re like, breast friends. 👯

My boobs used to be a fun accessory. Now they are just pains in my mamms. 😅

8 thoughts on “Booby trap 

  1. I love you Jessica, I’m sorry you had to go through all of that. I’m glad they were able to figure it out and start treating you. You have a lot going on and the fact that you just gave birth is alone hard on your emotions/body. Sending lots of ❤️ Your way! When you’re ready just say the word and I will be out there to help in ANY way.😘😘


  2. The same thing happened to me a few days after my C-Section.. It is the weirdest thing. I’m so sorry you have to go through all this crap. Thinking about you guys all the time:)


  3. You are one tough mom. Are thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Any thing you need we are here for you. Congratulations to all of you with your beautiful son Wyatt. Love that name.All our love to you. Susie and Rory


  4. Jessica, chills are pretty common after giving birth; happened to me too while I was still in the hospital. Very warm blankets and about 15 minutes took care of it. However, in your case you can add extreme stress and fatigue to the mix and it would not be so unusual. You have a lot on your plate.


  5. Bless your heart! All I can say is that your blog makes me feel like I’m right there with you. Your sense of humor is priceless. Hang in there Jess! ❤️


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