Save the Women + HulaBelle Resortwear- Dana Dinerman

I met Dana Dinerman a couple of years back at a get together for her HulaBelle post mastectomy swimwear line. She is a young survivor, an entrepreneur, and an inspiration. This is just part of her story.

To learn more about Dana, you can revisit her 2018 October Project Interview here.

What are the main obstacles that stand between you and your mission, and what ways do you find to overcome them?

The main obstacles that stand between me and my mission is my cancer returning. The past few years I have been in a constant battle with the cancer returning after having endured treatments for months on end. I tend to grow tired, side effects can be tough and not to mention I am a mom first, so whatever energy I do have in reserves goes toward caring for my child. I do have a plan for what I would like to achieve when it comes to helping others but my health can be an issue.

What are your go-to acts of self care?

I believe cancer has taught me so much about pacing myself and learning how to say no. If I feel as if I am going to be affected negatively physically by something, I will take a time out. I will make myself sit down and perhaps take a nap or I will reorganize my day better and put the items that can wait to another time. I also believe in pampering oneself, getting massages, taking long baths, napping. It all helps. I never used to feel like it was ok to take care of oneself before I was diagnosed with cancer and now I know it is quite important.

If you could share any piece of advice for someone who has been diagnosed, what would it be?

I always tell people two things, be your own advocate and take it one day at time. We are diagnosed with our minds still in the former lifestyle of needing to solve everything now and needing answers today. I tell people this is a marathon, pace yourself. Also, if something doesn’t feel right, then being your own advocate is crucial. It is ok to question your doctor and do your own research. It is ok to ask for a second opinion, you are not stepping on anyone here, this is your life your wellbeing.

What are the latest happenings with your programs right now?

I am currently working on a publication to help women share their stories and to mix it with fashion. It will be a publication similar to what you might see in our current fashion magazines yet the models will be real women, sharing their stories. They will be dressed in beautiful designs, highlighting designers and photographers as well. The idea came to me awhile ago and I feel it is very much needed in our community. I am not only going to focus on breast cancer, but also other ailments or conditions that may affect a woman in her everyday life.

How can we help?

I am right now needing volunteers to help with a publication to be launched end of summer. It is to help highlight women who have been through a traumatic moment in their lives such as cancer. I have decided to combine fashion and their stories together to create a publication similar to what you might see in the stores, yet the models will be these women. I need designers, hair and make up artists, photographers and anyone who thinks they might be able to help to volunteer their time. I will be sure to include all names of those who have helped in the publication when it is launched. This will either be a one time only project or if it is well received it may go on to a monthly subscription.

How can we contact you?

Instagram: @save_the_women & @hulabelleresortwear

Yoga for Cancer Recovery

I have loved yoga ever since… I stopped hating it.

OK that was dramatic but let’s be real, it’s not super inviting to head into a swanky studio for your first time with all those bendy bitches balancing on their heads… making yourself feel super self-conscious because you can barely touch your knees. At least, that is one of the most {highly paraphrased} reasons people tell me they don’t like yoga.

My yoga beginning was a little different. I started with a class at the Tracy Sports Club. It was me and my step-mom rolling around on the floor in somewhat of a “crack the egg” pose while elderly folks were ripping’ ’em all around us. Then I began to dabble again in high school PE {shout-out to Mrs. Hannigan!} It was cool. Slow but cool. But I just couldn’t focus. I was used to playing sports and slowly moving through poses and focusing on my breath was super rough for me. Then off to SDSU, practicing at the school gym and something clicked. I actually liked sitting with my own thoughts, focusing on my breath, and noticing the mental, emotional, physical benefits of yoga.

Fast forward to January of 2018. I was nearly done with active treatment. I was navigating a new body, a new normal- taking only very gentle yoga classes when I attended my first day of Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Sol. Immediately I knew that I was right where I needed to be.

Top: Yoga Sol Grads
Bottom: Be Well Grads

The E X A C T same feeling came over me on my first day of Yoga For Cancer Recovery Teacher Training with Be Well. And if you have never fully been able to trust that you were making the right decisions at the right time, let me tell you- it fucking rocks. Not only did that training help me to feel seen and understood but it also lit a serious fire under my ass to start manifesting and working towards bringing Be Well to OC.

Gratitude fills me as I write this- both of these AMAZING programs are coming together beginning this September! My great friend Jenny Jensen, who completed Yoga Sol’s 200 hour and Be Well’s 55 hour training along side me, and I are officially going to be teaching Be Well inspired classes at Yoga Sol!

The Deets:

  • First class will be Monday, September 9th
  • Classes will be held each Monday from 4:30-5:30pm
  • Open to all C survivors no matter where you are in your journey or your yoga experience!
  • Donation based- We understand that a diagnosis often comes with serious financial burdens. Pay what you can!
  • Survivors can bring along a caregiver, supporter, cheerleader, partner, or pal!

Classes will integrate mindful yoga, deep relaxation, visualization, breathing techniques, and meditation – all in a compassionate and supportive environment and with your optimal well-being in mind.

We are all so excited to be able to offer this weekly class at the gorgeous Yoga Sol studio in Yorba Linda. If you feel like you or someone you know could benefit from attending, hit me up!

Fun Fact:

BOTH Yoga Sol & Be Well are offering trainings this fall!


Dana Donofree, the Founder of AnaOno, is an inspiring entrepreneur and fellow survivor who does amazing work for our community. Here is her story.

Tell us your story. What is your program all about and how did you find yourself involved?

I launched AnaOno after my own diagnosis and treatment led me into a world that didn’t feel was made for me. It felt old, out dated, and not to mention alienating. So I wanted to apply my fashion industry experience and design expertise into solving the problem that so many of us face, finding a bra post-breast cancer!

What populations and areas do you serve?

I hope to help any person that has undergone breast surgery, often related to a cancer diagnosis or to prevent one. Beauty, sexiness, confidence doesn’t come with age limitations, so I dream of a world where everyone feels empowered, and not feel guilty if a beautiful bra helps with that.

What are the main obstacles that stand between you and your mission, and what ways do you find to overcome them?

Educating the general public about what breast cancer really is, and what it really looks like is always a challenge. We are not pretty pink bows, and feather boas, and smiling happy women. We come in different shapes, sizes, and genders. We have to understand the effect this disease has on all of us in order to help each other!

Program aside, tell us about yourself. What makes you, YOU!

Me, me? So many things. I love being creative, I love being a friend, I love dining and drinking wine with people I love, and love helping others. Of course, cuddling with my pup is also a must have!

How has C directly impacted your own life? 

The big “C” has affected every aspect of my life. Some in good ways, others in not so good of ways. It is there when I wake up, and when I fall asleep….I actually wouldn’t mind a vacation from my cancer.

What are your go-to acts of self care?

This is always something I work on. Being deeply involved in the cancer community and entrepreneur community is at times overwhelming, but also incredibly gratifying. I practice time with my friends and family when possible, but it can be hard.

What have you learned about yourself and the C community since starting AnaOno?

That we are all in the worst, but the best club ever. My friends I have made, and the friendships themselves are so open, honest, and loving, I wouldn’t be able to take any of that back. The instant bond I feel with others who have gone through what I have gone through is so strong and you know they just “get” you.

Do you have a favorite quote, mantra, phrase, or curse word? 

Never Alone

What are some of your happiest and most joyful moments in this field?

Launching AnaOno with my dearest friends, Jill Conley and Tracy Birdsell, by my side. Both of these incredible women facing breast cancer in very different ways, Jill with metastatic cancer and Tracy with DCIS, both supported my effort to launch the line and celebrate our hard work! I love them both, and Jilly is forever loved and missed every single day.

Would you like to share one of your shittiest moments or memories of working in this field?

The worst moments are when I lose a friend, a model, a fellow activist, and earth shaker. These moments come hard, and they are incredibly sad because we could be doing so much more, but it also fuels me to keep raising my voice and the voices of others so we don’t have to keep saying goodbye to incredible people because we have no cure for breast cancer.

If you could share any piece of advice for someone who has been diagnosed, what would it be?

Take it one day at a time. Every day is overwhelming, try not to dive into the million “what if’s”, just get through the day.

How can we help AnaOno?

Spreading the word is the best thing anyone can do for us, because we all know someone, and talking about how your bra sucks may not be the first thing that comes up in conversation but really truly can have an impact!

How can we contact you? and @AnaOnoIntimates