Family of three 

This morning we went to breakfast as a family of three for the last time. It went by really fast. Harlon was complimented on how good of a boy he was- proud mama. We talked about names for the new kid. Still no decision. But then it was over. John mentioned how quick it felt too. Maybe we were both expecting some long drawn out sentimental moment. I’m not sure. 

The rest of the day was spent nesting. Washing things and organizing. Trying to rid myself of some of this anxiety. A girl can only take so many deep breaths before she completely blacks out 😜 

We went to dinner with John’s parents, to my favorite Chinese restaurant and I ate enough food for all of us. Hot and sour soup, cream cheese wontons, dumplings, veggies and shrimp. Seriously, I felt like I was going to be rolled out to the juicer like Violet in Willy Wonka. It was my last hurrah since I am completely changing my diet this coming week. No more treats! 

As far as tomorrow, I will be calling Kaiser at 7:30 to make sure they have room for me and we plan to check in at 8:30. I will be induced, which I’ve been told, can take a couple of days to actually get this child out. Fingers are crossed for a quick and easy labor/delivery. Painless would be nice too. Haha! The hope is to avoid a c section so that recovery time is minimal and we can start chemo as planned on the 22nd. 

And now, I try to sleep knowing very well that shit is about to get REAL. 

6 thoughts on “Family of three 

  1. Okay kiddos. It’s ON!!
    ——–Filloon is on the way. Who cares about names😋
    Thinking of you non-stop!!
    Love you all!!
    Thoughts and prayers


  2. I am thinking about you today Jessica. I’m praying for an easy delivery and that everything goes as planned. Love you kid!


  3. Found your wonderful blog this morning and am holding you and your boys in light as this journey continues . I just don’t know what to say except you are loved and who you are and this tremendous love surrounding you will give you what you need to soar! Hang in, hang on and you’ve definitely “got this”


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