Bone scan results 

Sorry for that last post that got emailed out! I just woke up from a nap and my head/ fat fingers were not on the same page. Those were things I wanted to cover coming up soon. Instead, I actually clicked post. Whoops!

But I do have good news!  I am so happy to share that my bone scan from last night came back clear! Meaning the cancer has not spread to my bones! Hells yeah! 

It has been an otherwise mellow and uneventful day- also nice to report that. 😎 

I did call the BofA personal banker guy out for being sexist this morning. John laughed pretty hard. But for real? No- John is not going to be the primary holder of the account, sir. I am. Jerk. 

And the picture below- that’s my kid. I’m like stalker status. As that Bette Midler song goes-  🎼From a distance….

10 thoughts on “Bone scan results 

  1. Yay!! So happy to hear the good news. Keep being strong. You have so many people who love you and believe in you. I love you!! ❤️😘


  2. Jennifer and I were just talking this afternoon wondering when you would be getting your test back. So happy for you. You are such s strong lady!!!! You know I have been there done that 4 years ago. So you can always call or email me with any questions….. hugs


  3. Oh my god I just laughed so hard at your Better Mildler bit. Also, YES! Just YES. As both a family member and physician I am SO happy to hear your bone scan was negative! That is huge! Keep fighting the good fight lady! You clearly have it in you.


  4. WOOHOOOO!!!! So happy to hear the news of the scan. And by the way, you continue to make me laugh! Love the picture of baby Wyatt… “From a distance…” 😀❤️


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