It’s a fantastic Friday! I had a follow up oncology appointment this morning, I see her very 2 weeks. We went over the usual stuff- how am I feeling, any issues, questions, etc. Then she does an exam. While she was checking my right breast, I could see her smile and I couldn’t help but smile even bigger. She asked me what I thought about the tumor and I sorta shouted from excitement that I think it’s shrinking! She agreed! I am responding well to the chemo so far which makes me so damn happy! It reaffirms that all of this is working and worth it! 

Most likely, I will be self administering the shots for my white blood cell count until this chemo is over. But who f*ing cares as long as things keep going in the right direction. 

After she left the room, John and I high fived like a couple of pumped up middle schoolers at recess. I knew things felt positive when I woke up this morning! 

My drive home was awesome. I blasted 93.5, my favorite radio station – old school rap and hip hop. I’m sure I was a sight- a bald girl, dancing and singing alone in her car. But I didn’t care, I would have invited them in to dance and sing with me! 

My brother and his fiancé are here visiting for the weekend so the fun continues. Time to celebrate 😄

15 thoughts on “Fri-YAY! 

  1. Your happiness is palpable! The positive energy you exude and that surrounds you is so powerful!!! Lots more great days ahead on this journey!

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  2. What great news Jessica!! I love following your journey and think about you and your family often, you’re a rockstar!!
    Have a great weekend with the fam!

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  3. I agree with Jennifer…your positive energy inspired and made my day! You’ve got this, hope you feel all of the warm hugs from your peeps. Xo

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  4. WOOHOOOO!!!! Now that’s the way to kick of your weekend. I couldn’t help but SMILE picturing you smiling at the news. SOOOOO happy for you! 😀💗☀️

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