No Hair, Don’t Care 

#nohairdontcare #TeamFilloon

Today is my 7th chemo treatment out of 12! Over half way there with the Taxol/Carboplatin regiment. As of right now, if all of my counts stay up, I will be starting the AC on December 22. Merry Christmas 😜And there has been a change of plans to the frequency. Instead of once every 3 weeks, I will be going in once every 2 weeks for 4 treatments total. This will have me done with chemo around early February- as long as my counts are good and nothing gets delayed. Then I will wait a month to have my surgery. I don’t have any more info on that yet, I see Plastics next Wednesday. 

Still feeling pretty great, I had some serious bone pain this last week but my nurse today said that my symptoms are probably be the worst they will be will with this cocktail. So, cool! Or as Harlon would say “Oh, keeeeewl” Monday was rough but I am feeling much better now. 

Not much else to report. Still managing to stay as positive as possible but allowing myself a shitty moment if need be. I’m really getting in the holiday spirit with all of the Hallmark movies on TV and the Christmas music on the radio- which totally helps to keep my spirits up. Even took the boys to see Santa yesterday so we could avoid the mall crazies after Thanksgiving. Harlon wasn’t having it. And I think Wyatt was just trying to poop on Santa.

My sister in law, Krissy, gifted me a Giving key this week and I am in love. My word is BRAVE. I will embrace my word and then pass it on to someone who needs it more than me when the time is right. I love it! It’s a constant reminder hanging around my neck. And when I feel I am done, someone else will receive this sweet gift. 

As I sit here in my chemo chair (surprisingly comfy and heated) watching Flip or Flop and finishing up this post, I can hear the guy next to me on the phone with what sounds like his daughter. He’s probably close to my age.  My first thought was that none of us should be here. I mean, yes, we should be getting treatment to get better so we can be with our loved ones. But overall, this shit should not be happening- to any of us. Old, young, male, female. Something needs to change. So let’s work on that. 👍🏻

6 thoughts on “No Hair, Don’t Care 

  1. Loved the blog. Made me laugh and made me cry. Don’t like being so far away right now. Harlon is just like his dad was at one with Santa. Not having it at all. Love you and see you soon❤️😊❤️

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  2. That picture of the boys cracked me up… Love it… the necklace given to you is wonderful, and to pass it on to someone else when the time is right is truly a gift… you look beautiful and love your spirit… I think of you everyday…. you got this!

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  3. Brace a good one….I like that….believe is another. I believe we will have a cure real soon. Love the pick of the kids with Santa. I know and remember the feeling …doing that with mine when they were little. Poor Santa. Wonder if he wears ear plugs for the screamers? We love you Jess and keep doing what you doing.

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