It’s Been a While 

People are ultimately good. There will always a shithead here and there but overall, good. I was reminded of the good today while I was at the mall for a quick errand. 

I have been trying to get myself organized for surgery, which is a week from today. Part of that organization has been getting my jammy game up to par. AKA- I needed button down tops since lifting my arms will be a pain for a few weeks. Target didn’t have much so I headed to Nordstrom with a gift card I had. I found the softest button down jammy shirt and headed to the checkout. 

Harlon had been yelling and crying that he wanted to look at the choo choo- there was no choo choo…- so I gave him my phone hoping he would calm the heck down. While waiting in line, a lady walked up and smiled at Harlon and took a peak to see what he was watching. I immediately felt shame for giving my 2 year old a phone so I smiled and quickly looked down. The lady who rang me up was the same one who did my mastectomy cami fitting so we got to talking. Just then, the other lady behind the counter mumbled something to my girl. Turns out, the woman who had smiled at Harlon wanted to pay for my top, she had overheard our conversation and my situation.  I couldn’t find the words immediately. I think I just blurted “really!?” Then the tears filled my eyes. And my head started to sweat. A lot. That happens when I get flustered, I sweat. Gross, I know. But I gave her a huge and sweaty hug anyway. 

Even tonight, I still don’t have the words. I can only say this- I am so grateful for each and every person that walks into my life.  ❤️

It’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been busy slamming in the fun before I’m out for 6 weeks. Lots of Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm. Visiting friends. John and I just got back from a nice mini vacation at the Newport Coast. It’s been great. 

On the choo-choo at Knotts.

California Adventure 🎠

Mini vacation with my ❤️

But since it has been so long, I do have a few updates. When I saw my oncologist the week after my last chemo, she wasn’t surprised that I still felt like crap. All of the accumulation was taking its toll. 

Also at that appointment, she had to talk me down. Way down. Like tears were happening. I felt certain that my lump was growing for a few days before my appointment with her. I was stressing on it. She assured me that all she felt was normal breast tissue. Phew. But I was still not ok. 

Here’s the thing, and forgive me if I have already mentioned this, but she doesn’t typically believe in scans after treatment unless a patient is symptomatic, which I am not. But I just could not get down with this. My brain needs to know what’s up. Especially since I had felt like I was going backwards for those few days. She finally agreed to give me a scan after everything to make sure nothing has spread. Knowing this puts me at ease. 

I had to go back for another hydration a few days after my oncologist appointment because I wasnt improving. Hydration is supposed to make you feel better pretty quickly so when I was still feeling shitty at the end, they scheduled me for a couple more days the next week too. Thankfully, I was able to start drinking more fluids as the days progressed and I cancelled the appointments. Each day, I’m feeling a little better. 

My Hydration Homie Amy 😁

Today, I went in for a blood draw and my white blood cell count is too low again so my oncologist wants me to go back in Thursday for another draw. I’m assuming everything needs to be up and well for surgery on Tuesday. 

Tomorrow is my pre-op appointment so I’ll be sure to relay any information from that. Until then…
Parenting tip: If a milk cup goes in the car, make sure the milk cups exits the car… 🤢

8 thoughts on “It’s Been a While 

  1. I sure do love you and your sweet little family.❤
    Im sending positive thoughts and 🙏 Your way that you get the news surgery is a go. Your little chickens (as I called mine) are so lucky to have such a special mama like you😘

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  2. i Jess,

    im so happy to hear you are having family fun! you are doing fantastic!!! do NOT allow anyone or anthing to disrupt for mission ! keep marching ahead. you have lots of angels around you. one of them visited you today!! how beautiful is that.! you got this beautiful ! aunt Roz and Rachel too 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You got this Jess…lots of prayers headed your way. Some very familiar times your going through as I did too but you are so strong and you got this. Team Filloon! You all got this. Keep us updated. Love ❤️ you!

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  4. you are a amazing lady/mom/wife…..and what a wonderful play if forward story regarding the Angel at Nordstrom….hey, if you need me to come up a day after surgery, please let me know a few days ahead. I can come up. I never felt like going to Disneyland or Knotts Berry farm, how wonderful that you went.

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  5. No one can blame you for fretting and needing some (scan) reassurance. I would be like that, surely​ that’s completely normal. Sorry you had to go through the emotional exercise to get it though.

    We have found many rogue milk cups eww. Once I even found a rotisserie chicken in the kids play fridge.

    🔬come on white blood cells!!!❤️

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  6. OMG…Your parenting tip cracked me up! Gotta love those rogue sippy cups! And… amidst everything you’re going through…you continue to make me LOL! 😂 I am so touched by the woman who offered to pay for your pj’s at Nordstrom. It reaffirms the belief that we are surrounded by angels. Thanks for sharing your story. And I’m with Len… it’s another chapter added to your best seller. We ❤❤❤ you all so much. We’re sending good thoughts that everything falls into place in time for your surgery next week. You are the bomb, Jess! #TEAMFILLOON #YOUGOTTHIS

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