Abdominal Ultrasound Update 

Ummmmmm… so surprise! That abdominal ultrasound involved a probe in my hoo-ha! This, I was not prepared for. I mean, I’ve had this procedure in the past for cysts but totally forgot about that part. Nothing like having a stranger driving a stick shift up in your lady bits. Ok, that was dramatic. But it’s not what I call a good time. 

Anyway, I just missed a call from one of my many doctors which was a bummer because I enjoy talking to her. But damn, she’s efficient and sent me an email right after. My ovaries appear normal, so kewl! Scanxiety is gone. 

Now I must get back to wrangling two tiny humans, a dog who thinks he’s human, and conquering a massive laundry pile that I will fold but probably not put away for weeks. Mom life. 

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