I’m Back 

Strong eyebrow game today ☺️

As soon as my eyes popped open this morning, I knew I was mentally in a better place. I had an instant overwhelming feeling of “mama’s got this”. My personal pity party has passed, so here we go! Back in the game! Just needed a little me time. 

I realize now, that the mountain lion story hit a few people hard. Not my intention. Or maybe it was. 

First off- just to be clear, I didn’t write that TRUE AS HELL piece. It just resonated so much that I wanted to share. I also want you all to know how much I appreciate the “water in paper cups and orange slices” because fighting this damn mountain lion would not be possible without hydration, some vitamin C and my own personal cheerleaders! 😉

And to John- I hate that this fucker has punched you right in the nose and that the bear, who is supposed to help us, has also taken swing. But thank you for buying me time. And together, we’ve got this. 

And you know what, maybe I will try rubbing kale on it. Fuck, I’ll try it all. 😜

I’ve been thinking, the next drug may or may not kick my ass. We will see. And same with radiation. But worrying about it won’t do me any good. Plus, that’s not living in the present. Right?  
So cheers to the weekend! 
Who am I kidding, everyday is the weekend for me! Living the dream! #momlife #teamfilloon 💪🏻

2 thoughts on “I’m Back 

  1. Glad we are back on track😊❤️😊 You are right about that throwing us for a loop. But we are back in the game now. 💃💃ready to rock n roll


  2. The mountain lion story is right on! As a husband supporting a wife climbing a mountain she never wanted to climb in the first place, I can relate to the sucker punch John has taken to the nose!

    Cancer sucks, taxol sucks, having a port sucks, gettng blood taken, just to hear that your counts are too low and this shit will go on for another week longer than you had planned sucks! Anticipating baldness sucks, bone pain sucks, no energy sucks, not knowing what the future treatments will be like sucks!

    As everyone reading this knows, what these ladies are going through is as bad as anything the living will ever know. But, as a husband/cheerleader, seeing the positive energy and seeing smiles in the face of C, gives me unlimited power to continue cheering in your corner! Keep up the fight and NEVER give up!

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