Annual A, B, C ‘s of Gratitude – 2022 Edition

It’s that time of year – when we can sit quietly, in a perfectly clean and festively decorated room, with a candle flickering, soft music playing in the background and reflect on all that we are grateful for…. UNLESS you are like me and there’s no such thing as quiet, or a room that stays clean for more than 5 minutes, or a free moment to reflect on anything other than what I probably forgot to do that day.

But I’m a multitasker- so I will write my annual gratitude list with lots of background noise, my to do list on repeat in the back of my mind, and in spurts throughout the day when I have a second to think and then will hopefully remember to post this by the end of the day!

If you aren’t familiar with my annual A, B, C’s of Gratitude- it’s a spin-off of a game I play to help me fall asleep at night or most notably, something I do to keep my worries at bay during treatments and tests.

I always find it funny to look back and see what has changed, what’s similar and what is the same… word. for. word. It’s nuts! See for yourself. 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

And quick reminder ~ these are things I am truly grateful for, no matter how big or small they may seem 🧡

Harlon 8, Wyatt 6

A- Audiobooks

B- Bootea Flow and Be Well {see letter Y}

C- Coffee Breaks

D- Dried Mangoes and Dance Parties

E- Extremely Hot Showers and Edibles

F- Fantastic Family and Friends

G- Gardening Time

H- Hallmark Christmas Movies

I- I Love You’s

J- Jammies

K- Our Kid’s Coaches- patient and knowledgeable

L- Life Lessons and Leave in Conditioner

M- (self) Massage Tools

O- Overcast Days

P- Plant Propagation

Q- Quiet Time

R- Relaxing Bubble Baths

S- Seat Heaters and Sweatshirts

T- Tea Time

U- Unicorn Hairs {aka gray hairs}

V- Very Defined Boundaries

W- Watching the Birdies

X- X-tra Dirty Martinis

Y- Yoga

Z- Zoloft~ A fan favorite each year 😂

What are you grateful for? 🧡

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