Thankful, Grateful, Blessed 

Ninth Taxol treatment in the works! Three more to go and then on to the AC. 

Nothing much to report today. Thankfully! And in the spirit of being thankful, which I am on the daily, I’ll share with you my current alphabet list. 

Remember way back, when I told you all that sometimes I play the alphabet game in my head? Well, today’s genre is gratitude and things that make me happy. 🤗 Note- this list is NOT the end all, be all. Just the things that popped into my head while trying to pass the time during chemo. And because it’s my game, I make the rules. You’ll see what I mean when we get to X 😁

A- Alternative Medicine 
B- Belly laughs

C- Cards 

D- Doggies

E- Ellen

F- Family and Friends 

G- Giggles


I- Impromptu dance parties in the driveway to Christmas music and Christmas laser light decorations 

J- John

K- Kombucha

L- La Croix 

M- Modern Medicine 

N- Nausea Meds 

O- Olives stuffed with yummy things

P- Parades

Q- Quiet Moments 

R- New Recipes 

S- Seat Heaters

T- Tamales

U- Ukuleles 

V- Visits from my parents in my dreams 

W- The Woody Show on 98.7

X- Extra Hugs and Kisses from Little H 

Y- Yoga

Z- Zippered onesies for W

Did any of you watch This Is Us last night? Man I love that show! William’s speech about appreciating the tiny beautiful moments really hit me, gave me the chills. So real and relevant. 

You don’t need me to remind you, especially during this season, but I’ll say it anyway. Always remember to be thankful; say it out loud, write it down, or just say it in your head. Express gratitude even for the little things- for those, sometimes, really are the big things. 

Each night, as I close my eyes, I give thanks for the wonderful things in my life. Try it out. It feels nice. 

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! And if you feel like putting it out there, tell me- What are you grateful for? 🍁

11 thoughts on “Thankful, Grateful, Blessed 

  1. I’m thankful for family and friends. The love and support is what makes it all worthwhile. I’m especially thankful I got to be Grammy to 5 amazing wacky grandchildren 🦃❤️😊👬👬💃😊❤️

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  2. I love your list, Jess! Today I’m thankful to have my mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law all here for Thanksgiving. It’s a special treat to all be together. I’m also grateful for you and your posts. Happy Thanksgiving to you, John, Harlon and Wyatt. Love you all. Xo

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  3. I am thankful for each day, and that I get to wake up from the most amazing bed, go to work and exercise my brain, and then come home to a roof over my head. I am grateful for time spent with my loving family and wonderful friends, and I am grateful that Jessica is surrounded by the most amazing and loving “team filloon supporters”. Lastly, I am blessed beyond belief to have the most amazing and successful kids and most precious grandchildren. Happy Thanksgiving holiday. Love you lots💚💛

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  4. Thank you for this blog! My wife’s journey began September 24th when she got a call for a second mammogram. 8 & 1/2 weeks later we have been biopsied, through surgery, and waiting for the second of 12 chemo treatments. My boss (Jason Shehan, of PG&E) sent me a link to your blog at the beginning of our diagnosis. Your positive attitude and willingness to share your experience has helped us cope with the inconsolable diagnosis of her breast cancer. Keep up your positive attitude as it inspires others around you that you will never meet, but you will have surely encouraged! You, along with my wife, are soldiers. No one will ever understand your challenge 100%, but the loved ones behind you both are a strength that cannot be challenged. The battle you and my wife are fighting is already won! Stay strong and envision a lifetime with no more cancer. You will both prevail!!!

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    1. I am so glad that my blog has been helpful! I know that it’s a complete whirlwind at the beginning. Please reach out at anytime and let me know if I can be of any help at all. Stay strong and positive!


  5. We are thankful for all of our friends and family, and that you are finding the strength to be positive and upbeat through this trying time! Your attitude will help you and everyone you touch with your heartfelt words! Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Filloon family, with love from Carol and Gene 😘🦃👍

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