The Comback Tour 

Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years – LL Cool J

Just kidding, that’s exactly what I called it. We recently got back from Viva Jess Vegas/ The Comeback Tour and it was the greatest of all time. The G.O.A.T, some would say. It was a weekend of friends, fun, and of course- Britney Spears. (Because if Britney can make it through 2007…) I know, your currently asking yourself “didn’t she JUST go to Vegas?!” Yes. I did. Great memory. Vegas is my jam. 

This trip had been years in the making. It started as a joke when a bunch of us went to Vegas while I was pregnant with Harlon. I swore that once I had him, we’d plan to go again and call it ‘the comeback tour’. Then I got pregnant with Wyatt and the joke continued and we’d go after. Then, well, you know the rest. And here we are. 

The comeback tour carries a bit of a different meaning now. It’s heavier than just heading back to Vegas with friends to party. It was a celebration of life and making it each day. It’s also a reminder to make memories and live each day like it’s a gift. Like a comeback. 

Now, this part of the post is overdue. I was supposed to start Xeloda last Monday but after getting my thyroid stuff figured out, my oncologist and I have decided to start at the beginning of September. This will give my body some time to adjust to the thyroid medication, which has really been a life changer. I feel pretty good. At least better than before starting the Synthroid. My headaches are less intense, I feel like I have more energy, and I’m not so foggy brained. It’s super sucks that this is most likely a lifetime deal and brought on by C but I can/will hang. 

My hysterectomy pre-op is next Tuesday and surgery is all set for August 30th. I am a little nervous but not too bad- maybe because I knew this was coming since the beginning. I’m more ready to get this part over with and start the healing. Emotionally and physically. 

It blows my mind that a year ago at this time, I knew something was not right with my body. I hadn’t been diagnosed yet or even had my biopsy but I knew what ‘it’ was. I tried to chalk it up to a crazy pregnancy… but I’ll get into all those feels later. 

Because this literally got me through some shit.

2 thoughts on “The Comback Tour 

  1. Hey sweetie!!! I am so happy this trip was such a success for you. And you are right each day is a gift that’s why we call it the “present”. And for me to be able to share a little cheer with you absolutely made me the happiest ever. You are the BEST!!! And you looked so hot!!! Love you Jess🍸

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  2. LOVE that you got away and enjoyed your multi-level meaning COMEBACK TOUR! Looks like you all had tons of fun, and you and John deserved every minute of it. LOVE YOU TONS! Will be thinking about you on the 30th. Xo 💗💗💗

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