Menopause Sucks 

I’ve been eating my feelings lately. Mainly with Trader Joe’s Pumkin Biscotti. To be real- I’ve written a lot of this post in tears. Some in anger. And some just feeling blah. Maybe it’s the menopause. Maybe it’s all of the bad news my pink sisters have been receiving lately- because they aren’t just stories anymore- they are my real friends.  Maybe it’s because all of this is still so scary at times. Maybe I’m coming down from the high of celebrating my baby turning 1. Whatever it is, it’s been hard and I’ve been weepy. So weepy. 

Wyatt’s first birthday party 🎉

Yes, I said pumpkin up there. And you are right if you’re thinking we’ve probably already decorated for Halloween. Harlon asked me on Sunday if we could get out the Halloween stuff and who am I to say no? I mean, if Disneyland can decorate now, so can we. And at this point in my life, I do what I want. And you better believe I’ve been lighting that pumpkin scented candle every day since. 

This week didn’t have one easy drop off for either boy at school. Harlon repeatedly told me on the way that he does not want to go to school anymore. He wants to stay home and learn letters with me and brother every day. Both kids cried hysterically when I dropped them off in their classrooms and my heart broke. I fought back the tears, knowing that this is something that lots of parents deal with. I just haven’t figured out how to do that yet. 
Harlon has been saying a lot “Mommy you came back for us.” And every time I say “Of course, baby doll.” And he’s always telling me he “just wants to be wth me.” But what happens if the day comes and I’m not there to pick them up? I don’t come back?  I absolutely hate that these are things that I think about. And I really hate talking about them but I hope this helps me process the feelings and the fears.  In the meantime, I’m trying to counteract it all with positive visualizations throughout my days. 
Today I had an oncology follow up to see how the Xeloda is treating me- I just took my last dose of the first cycle this morning. I’ll have 1 week off and will begin again next Wednesday for two weeks. So far, I have only noticed some increased fatigue, dry finger tips and slight pain in my right foot. But with all that has been going on, I can’t directly pin point these problems to the Xeloda. On top of those things, my moods have been so very off which is most likely the result of my total hysterectomy and surgical menopause. 
We are going to raise my Zoloft dose in hopes to try and balance out my emotions and my higher than usual anxiety levels. I’ll also be starting Restoril in regards to my insomnia. My thyroid levels will be tested again tomorrow to see what’s up and if the Synthroid is helping or if it needs to be increased. 

I had to go to the doc the other day too, not my usual PCP, for a lump I found on my foot. Initially I thought it was a bug bite. When it didn’t go away after 10 days, I freaked. Lump. Any lump. Anywhere= PTSD. Thank goodness it’s just a ganglion cyst. Nasty, I know, but I’ll take a cyst over the other options. Anyways, since it was a new doctor, I met a new nurse. The universe knew that I needed to meet her in that exact moment.

Turns out, she is a 5 year triple negative BC survivor, also BRCA 1.  This is big for me, to meet another TNBC survivor and to see her thriving. We’ve exchanged numbers and I hope to meet up with her soon. My rad lady posse keeps growing 💜

I was able to get back to acupuncture yesterday and it was nice to focus on my healing again. My acupuncturist and I always have these therapeutic conversations and I walk away feeling like, ‘yes, I’ve got this.’ 👊🏻 I also hope to be cleared to get back to yoga very soon. 

As a reminder, I never post these things for pity or sad faces. I post the truth, my feelings- so that you all may be able to understand me and my life. And so that if someone out there is feeling the same or dealing with something similar, I want them to know they are not alone. 

Also- if anyone has an at home booty workout that is legit- help a sister out. No boobs means I want to get a rocking boo-tay! Not looking to be sold on something but a few moves to lift that sucker up would be greatly appreciated. I’m over this pre-pubescent tween boy look I’ve got going on. 

Just for funzies, here’s me in my Britney moment at Wyatt’s birthday party. Thank you Lizard Wizard for providing the snake of my worst nightmares 🙀


And this new tank from my cousin Mandi sums a lot of crap up. 🤗

5 thoughts on “Menopause Sucks 

  1. I don’t even know how to respond to your posts! You speak truth so beautifully! You are such a gift! Thank you for sharing yourself Jessica! I wish I could cut/paste some of what you say- LOL! Next week is my week for Drs.,scans etc… to see how things are going!!! Oi vey! I’m here marching alongside you!!!! 🌻💛💚🌷💜❤️!

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  2. As usual I think you are amazing and human too! Thank you for sharing those human feelings. It will help so many people who are going through life changing moments. Love you❤️

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  3. Well Mama, I guess I will comment, although the giant yellow snake made me scream, no no snakes!!!
    You know I am going to say you have been through so much that your body is worn out. My gosh, it is amazing that a body can take all this, what I call poison. Plus the impact on your emotions. I think you sound perfectly normal, I have those type of thoughts occasionally and its been all most 5 years for me since my cancer. You are a wonderful mom, wife and lady!!! HUGS

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  4. You make me laugh and you make me cry. I know I say this all the time, but you seriously are an amazing writer and I know everyone who reads your blogs feels like they are on this journey with you. Thank you for reminding us of what’s important. You just keep on rockin sister! We love you tons! 💗💗💗. By the way, love the pics! 😊😊😊

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  5. Remember to ask your PCP about using Prozac to control menopause symptoms. It was talked about this past weekend. I continue to remind you of the need to be a PATIENT PATIENT. Your body chemistry has been working according to its original plan for 30+ years. Suddenly, it has all changed. It will take time to get everything balanced as it needs to be. This will require typical medical care, Trial and Error. Just KNOW that the correct balance will be found. Getting through it is much tougher than it is for me to write about it. Visualize the balance being like the scale of justice. On each side are chemicals. Just the right amount or each chemical must be added until the scale is perfectly balanced. Keep picturing movement of the chemicals and the scale being exactly on center. See it. Help it happen.

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