Puke Fest 2017 

The past week has been my most challenging week as a mom, I think. Thankfully, my mood swings had started to lessen right before the madness.  Maybe it’s because my thyroid test came back all crappy and my meds were increased therefore, helping me to ‘level’ out. Or it could be because I was so dang busy cleaning up puke that I didn’t have time to feel anything. 

Both kids ended up with the stomach bug, of course at the same time. This was my first experience of taking care of pukey kids and it was intense. It all started with Wyatt projectile vomiting while Harlon was sitting in the dentist chair last Friday. And when I say projectile, I mean it didn’t even get on me or him (Wyatt was sitting in my lap and gave no warning) It shot straight out and onto the floor. I was shocked and embarrassed and super flustered. Thankfully the tech was all good and so sweet.  She even told me that her daughter did the same thing once while at Olive Garden all over the table. One mama looking out for another. 💜

Taken LITERALLY moments before Puke Fest 2017 kicked off.

He seemed totally fine after the ‘incident’ so I thought nothing of it. Until Monday morning- it was Harlon’s turn. Holy crap man. I could have hopped on a raft and floated my butt right out if this house on a river of bodily fluids between both kids. It was a constant cycle of vomit, crap, tears, cleaning, laundry, repeat. Most of the tears were from the kids. But for real, I cried hard when Harlon whacked me in the eye with his (thank goodness empty) puke bowl. Yeah, still hurts. Looking back now, I still agree, it was a shitty week. But we survived and I’m pretty proud of myself for never vomiting when they did. That’s a huge step for someone with a gnarly gag reflex like me. I impressed myself. 😉 Both have recovered and so far, I seem to be in the clear and feeling fine. ***knock on wood***

Speaking of puke- not really because I don’t think I actually puked after my first chemo- I can’t remember- but needed some sort of transition here… Thanks to Timehop, I was reminded that one year ago yesterday, I had my first chemo treatment. I remember waddling my post c section booty into the infusion center not knowing what was coming next. It’s funny now, I’m still on chemo but it’s such a different process. No weekly visits and being poked. And so far, my side effects are minimal. I started my second cycle of Xeloda this last Wednesday and things are still ok. A bit of skin has started to peel on my left pinky toe and the pads of my feet are red but the pain I was feeling before has gone away for now. These are all side effects that I have been prepared for so I’ve been loading my hands and feet up with creams and Bag Balm nightly to help with it all. 

Timehop also reminded me that a year ago today, I decided to control what I could in this mess and we shaved our heads in the backyard. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. John and Harlon went first to support me and then it was my turn. It wasn’t as emotionally difficult or bizarre as I imagined it would be. And I was grateful that I was able to donate my long locks to Pantene Beautiful Lengths so that someone else would be able to receive a free wig while battling C. 

I’m also way grateful that I’ve documented this all along the way. It helps me to remember all that I have accomplished, all the feelings I have felt, all of the support I’ve had and continue to have, and so much more. 💜

Just for fun- this is what it would look like if I had a purple haired daughter 😜

4 thoughts on “Puke Fest 2017 

  1. He would make a darling little girl😊 You handled last week like a trooper. Many a mom has caved before an onslaught like that. Plus you were by yourself for most of it.

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  2. Thank goodness that tech at the dentist was so understanding and positive (like you – positive with a capital ‘P!’). That experience could have been somewhat different if it weren’t for that person! 😘

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  3. Oh Jess- what a week for sure, but you handled it beautifully. I love the part about floating out of your house on a raft! 🤣 Haha. Glad the boys are feeling better, and happy to hear that you’re getting your thyroid levels adjusted. That can make ALL the difference! Btw, LOVE the purple hair on Wyatt. Sooo cute! 😀 Love you all tons! Thanks for sharing your week and all you’ve accomplished in a year. You are remarkable! 💗💗💗

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