Moonlight 🌕

Tonight was. Straight. Up. Magical.

I attended an outdoor yoga class under the full moon and I have never felt so connected to myself and my practice. It could have been so easy, as soon as those raindrops smacked my windshield on the drive over, to say nope. Turn around and head home, where I could be comfy cozy and warm. But I was so pumped to go to this class so I kept on truckin’.

Each rain drop that hit my mat sounded like a tiny drum. The palms rustling in the breeze were so calming. Birds whistling away, topped it off. Shit, people pay good money for sound machines to mimic these noises!

I never actually saw the moon through the clouds- but I didn’t have to.

It all reminded me of one of my favorite quotes- which again, I always screw up but goes something like this, “you can’t control what happens to you, you can only control how you react”. So I lifted my face to the sky.

What I also found really great, not one person complained. No one rolled up their mat and said “screw this, I’m out.” And when class was over, everyone seemed truly happy. It. Was. Magical.

But don’t get me wrong- because , for some reason, I feel like I always need to clarify- I’m not always this happy, positive person who can sit in the rain for an hour and smile. Oh, no. But I try to see the good in all. I try and choose joy as often as possible.

Sometimes, things are crap. Sometimes, a lot of things are crap all at once. Super crap. And in those times, it’s so damn hard to see anything but the shit storm in front of you, let alone joy. I get that. And I don’t have an answer as to how and make the storm any easier. Any gentler. Any less shitty. I guess you have to power through and trust that you’ll come out the other end… covered in crap.

Annnnd, transition….. So many people have asked me about the Survivor Day at Kaiser this June. Here’s all the info I have:

It will be June 2nd at the Kaiser Hospital in Anaheim on La Palma- by the fountain. The event will start at 10 am and speakers will begin at 11. There will be four of us, each with a 10 minute time slot. I still don’t know what I’m going to talk about….. I’m thinking I’ll just wing it and hope that I don’t drop any F bombs 😬

The view from my mat

The view from my mat 💜

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