I think everyone believes that their kids are special. And I’m not talking like especially well behaved because nope. 😐But from someone who, from the earliest age I can remember, always confidently said – “I am never having kids”, I feel so lucky to have gotten these two. We found out we were pregnant with Harlon a few months after my dad suddenly passed away. Part of me always felt like my dad sent us that blessing. His birth was something to look forward to and helped with the grieving process. A life had been taken away from us but we were gaining a new one. 

Wyatt was a… well… sweet surprise. We had thought we were a one and done family but the universe had other plans for us. It was a really tough pregnancy. Harder than it was with Harlon and that was fucking intense. Although he has already proven to be a welcomed blessing and distraction for all that’s going on. 

I hope to have Petey come home soon from John’s parents where he has been having a blast. He probably won’t even want to come home, he’s happiest at Grammy and Grampy’s. But once he’s home, the band really will be back together.

These kiddos keep me busy- so busy. And so happy. And so in love. I know it will be tough on those days when I am not feeling my best and I need to take care of them but I also know I have help if I need it from #teamfilloon. It’s funny, I never understood people when they said that their family was complete after (insert number here) of kids. But I get it! The Filloons are complete. 

My heart is so full these days.  I’m sure  our current situation makes me even more thankful for all that I have. It definitely puts things into perspective. 

I don’t have the option to give up because I want to be around for them for a really long time. When they are older, I want them to know that they were the reason I fought with every last bit of all that I have and I want them to be proud of their mama.   💙💙

3 thoughts on “Boys 

  1. You are amazing and your words are inspiring! Sending ❤️ and strength! Get em cuz!!! Keep those cute lil boys close to give you all the energy and healing power you need! ❤️#teamfilloon

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  2. Jessica
    I love it that you keep us informed. I always felt so alone. I do know what you are going thru and I must say you have a wonderful attitude and you seem so well informed on what you have and what you are doing. I remember going into that Chemo room at Kaiser and seeing about 20 other patients sitting there too….If you ever need a break, a baby sitter, although I am not current with my shots (: I would love to come up and give you a hand. Maybe you and John might like to go do dinner or go for a walk. Just let me know and I will come on up. Keep your wonderful attitude and sense of humor.

    Christina (Ryan’s mom)

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