Still… Thankful, Grateful and Blessed

I’ve been meaning to write a post for some time now but I guess I’ve been busy living, man. Really, I think I’m still adjusting to being back at work and not having a ton of free time. And the free time I do have, we’ve been hunting for a new place to live. Buuuuut…. I think we’ve found a place! We will have a final answer in a few days.

A quick C update: I just finished my 4th cycle of Xeloda yesterday. My toes and bottoms of feet are peeling. Like nasty peeling. I’m serious, I’m like a snake- thick sheets of skin are coming off daily. Filling my socks. Sometimes in the shower, the water will fill the pockets of skin, making it feel like I’m standing on a waterbed. Now go enjoy your turkey/ tofurkey and mashed potatoes 😜 but question- do they even make waterbeds anymore? Every rental application seems to believe so… 🤷🏻‍♀️

Other side effects from the Xeloda: The one that seems to irritate me even more than the skin stuff is that my fingerprints are “disappearing “, which I thought was a joking overreaction from others, turns out to be totally true. Every app on my phone that uses my finger print to open, including opening the fricken phone itself, no longer works. And remembering passwords is total crap.

I’m also dropping things a ton, this was something that happened to me while I was on Taxol too. My dexterity is suffering in general- maneuvering a necklace clasp proves to be rough, man. Along with opening tops, bottles, etc. You get it.

Since starting Xeloda, I’ve had a few mouth sores, which were expected. But this week I found a painful lump under my tongue and of course lump= anxiety. It has turned out to be a gnarly mouth sore. My onc prescribed me Magic Mouthwash for the pain which helps a ton but also gives me dentist face. You know, like when you get a cavity filled and they numb you… and then you talk funny, drool some, and feel overall swollen. Like that.

Oh, and Xeloda makes me smell like dust. No one else seems to smell it but me. Like C has literally made me old as dirt 😂

I had a surgery follow up about a week ago and all was great! I will be going back in 6 months for a check up. But this chick…. She’s the best. I love my surgeon so much, she removed my boobs and I still adore her. Shit. She could have given me a tail and I’d still love her. But I’m grateful she didn’t. Let’s get that straight.

Dr. Formichella

Since my last post, we also celebrated Lil’ Har turning the big 3! I am so thankful that I am here on this earth, able to see the pure joy on his face while playing with his cousins and brother, eating cake, and watching Cars 3. My kids, they have my whole heart. And always will.

Now, onto other grateful thoughts…

I have no doubt, I could do this all alone. I’m a strong ass mama. But I am so glad I don’t have to. The endless love and support me and my family receive daily is so important for healing and us continuing on. I want to repeat again, I am so thankful for Team Filloon. And to continue with the gratitude stuff, and giving that it’s a day of thanks, I’m doing another alphabet list like I did for Thanksgiving last year. Again, this is not the end all, be all. And- remember, I make the rules 😁Here goes it!

A- Amazon Prime

B- My Boys

C- Christmas Music

D- Date Nights

E- Epsom Salt Baths

F- Floyd’s Barbershop

G- GT’s Kombucha

H- Humor

I- Internet Memes

J- Jacuzzis

K- Kick Ass Cancer Mamas

L- Leggings

M- My Marriage

N- Necklaces

O- Orange Juice and Champagne minus the Orange Juice

P- Pie

Q- Quiet Time

R- Reiki

S- Scarves and Sage

T- This Is Us

U- Unicorns

V- Vegas

W- Self Work

X- Xeloda

Y- Yoga

Z- Zoloft

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Still… Thankful, Grateful and Blessed💜

7 thoughts on “Still… Thankful, Grateful and Blessed

  1. I think for me, C brought priorities…..I am so careful that I put important things where they should be. I watch others and I think…they just don’t get it…..thankful I do….And you Jessica are years ahead of me. Happy Thanksgiving

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  2. So grateful you are such a strong woman and that you get to see your kids grow up and you get to enjoy their joy ❤️. Sending you so much love and wishes for good health. I’m sorry your fingerprints are disappearing…yes passwords suck balls, but think of it this way..,the more you have to use your brain, the less likely you’ll get Alzheimer’s when you’re older. So keep remembering those passwords, even if it makes you want to scream 😂🤨🤬. Loved your list and love you!

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