Coming Soon, Baby Boy Filloon

John and I saw the perinatal doc on Thursday. Baby Boy will be induced on September 12th! Per the ultrasound, he’s currently weighing an estimated 5 lbs, 7 ounces and already had a lot of hair! ☺️ 

Also at that appointment, the dr noticed me having a hard time breathing. As I have said before, this pregnancy has been super tough on me. Still puking, exhausted, crazy sciatica, and lots of other weird things. But I agreed with him because that day it had definitely gotten worse. He looked concerned and ordered a CT scan to rule out a pulmonary embolism. Uhhhhh YIKES! 

We were walked over to labor and delivery. After a long evening, I finally got to get the scan and was not expecting the results. There was something inconclusive on the report that could be a small blood clot in my left lung. Apparently being pregnant and having cancer increase risks of blood clots, so I got that going for me  

We had to stay over night to be monitored and set up a plan. Note- Baby is great, moves and kicks like a champ! I was discharged Friday morning and will have to be on blood thinners indefinitely. A SHOT every 12 hours. I hate needles. 😳 Paging Dr. John Filloon 

Plans are to rescan after delivery.  👍🏻

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