Tests, scans, and pity faces. Oh my! 

We have had so many appointments in the last week and a half it’s crazy! Test this, scan that, squeeze those. But it’s all good. Preparation is key. Or some saying like that. 

I’ve kinda become a big deal at Kaiser. (Insert Wink Face) It’s pretty rare to get breast cancer while pregnant, 1 in 3000. So when staff take me back, they give me the look like/ “oh you poor child. And you’re carrying a child.” Then they usually hug me or put a hand on my shoulder and give the long tilted head gaze. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kaiser and all of the staff. They are amazing! But I want them to say, “Girl, you got this! We all got this! Get get some shit done!” Not appropriate, I know, but wouldn’t that be pretty rad? Would pump me up. 

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