Shots! Now it’s Your Turn 

Beginning later this week, you will need your flu shot and pertussis vaccine if you will be visiting the Filloon household.  We won’t require your shot records like Petey’s kennel does, it’s more based on the honor system.  But it is a big F’ing deal so don’t come over and then be all like “oh, I’m getting it next week…” This mama can’t afford to get sick and miss any chemo treatments. I got shit to do, you know?  And Wyatt is just a little guy and shouldn’t be exposed to yucky germs anyway. We appreciate it! 

Chemo is still scheduled for this Thursday morning. I am a little nervous but so ready. Every night, I visualize the bad cells dying.  I take my supplements daily that I hear attack the cancer. I use a CBD tincture and a CBD lotion now that I’m no longer pregnant. I rub frankincense over the lumps.  I have crystals I wear, some that I sleep with. I get energy healing sessions. I have altered my diet and I drink a shit ton of green juice. All with a smile on my face  because what is pouting and bitching going to do for me, right?! And now I am ready to take the next step. I’m ready to deal with any shitty side effects that may come because I believe that chemo will do the damn thing and help me win. 

I also never forget who I am fighting for. When I was putting Harlon to bed last night, we were laying there talking (and counting up to 10 because that’s his jam lately).  I told him that I am going to get better but it might take a little bit. But I will fight so hard and with everything I have so I can watch him and his baby brother grow up. I need that and they need that. I never forget that I am fighting for my husband, my family, my friends, and people I have never even met. I’m fighting for Team Filloon! 💪🏻💖

So, good night, I am off to visualize some rad shit happening in my body.  😌

7 thoughts on “Shots! Now it’s Your Turn 

  1. I’m so grateful for your updates because you’re on my mind all the time. I love the feeling of strength and kick assness in this post. You are awesome and I love all the things you’re doing for your health!


  2. I sooo love and appreciate your rawness and truth Jessica. No sugar coating going on here. Thank you for sharing your journey and educating us all. Our arms are wrapped around you in spirit and healing. We all respect , love and support you with great admiration. ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💋


  3. You are amazing, Jess. We are visualizing right there with you and have so many family friends doing the same in support of you and TEAM FILLOON! Thank you for your update- Sending ALL of you the biggest hug! Xo


  4. So glad you made this blog. It keeps us all updated without you having to explain the process to each person who loves you and YOU HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU. You’re amazing! Stay strong the future is yours. ❤️ Team Filloon!! Sending you lots of hugs, Love you!


  5. Grampy and Grammy got their shots the Monday after we came back down. We weren’t taking any chance we wouldn’t get to see Harlon and Wyatt. ❤️🤗❤️


  6. Jessica! You definitely are a Star Warrior!!!! Shield in hand and sword between your teeth!

    Thank you for the updates!
    Keep your crystals close by. Remember to cleanse them, it helps cleanse you!
    Yeah, the green juice, shit as you call it, is good for you. You crack me up with your RAW candor!!! Love it! Get it out baby girl! Lol
    You look so amazingly HAPPY!!! YOUR BOYS are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Sending you WHITE HEALING LIGHT! KEEP visualizing those f—–king cancer cells being blown up and desinergrating!!!!!!!
    Visualizing works wonders!!!! And KNOW its WORKING!!!!!
    Its all so Magical and it works!!!!!!
    Congratulations on your beautiful Family!!!!!

    Love you so much!
    You got this Jess!!!❤

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  7. Many prayers, love, hugs and beautiful thoughts coming your way. I’m so impressed with your “kick ass” attitude. Hope that “chemo stuff” goes well.
    Janet and Ron Hund


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