Chemo Day # 1

I apologize for not answering calls and texts last night and this morning. I have been a bit… on edge. Plus, I am a mom of a child already entering the terrible twos which has not been aiding the situation. Lord, help me. 

The unknown has had me stressed for sure. Not just stressed , I won’t lie, I’ve been a pissy bitch. Sorry to anyone who has dealt with that. (Cough, cough- John😬)  But now I’m here, sitting in the chair, port poked and in use. I’m watching the Today show and John is doing some work. It’s like we are at home just kicking it. NOT. Kidding, the nurses here are great and making me feel really comfortable. I could get used to this, like for the next 6 months or something. Ha! Kidding again, maybe chemo makes me funny. 😜

I am by far the youngest person the room.  It’s a little silly, some of he looks I get are super sad. I am ok though, hoping that my age allows me to fight harder. I did just have the sweetest lady come by and introduce herself. She is also triple negative and on the same regiment as me just flip flopped. She started with AC and is ending with Taxol. She had some nice tips and tricks. 

I plan to post later today or tomorrow with an update on how I’m feeling. So stay tuned. Also, some big doins’ happening this weekend. Change, it’s in the hair. 😉

***Fun fact that I apparently didn’t share before when I was super drugged up following delivery. Part of the reason Wyatt was an emergency C Section was because he was breached, butt first. So when he pooped in me, he really pooped out of me…. think about that. Gross. 

8 thoughts on “Chemo Day # 1

  1. You are amazing. Harlon’s job through this is to keep you grounded. He won’t let you get down and out. His sunny personality (except when mad) is going to keep you smiling as will his singing. Sing with him often. It will lift your heart. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  2. You are a tough cookie. Your kids have the best mommy, funny one too! Keep that sense of humor, it will keep you going. You are a beautiful ray of sunshine and I love to you to the moon and back! xoxo Auntie Tammy

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  3. Your attitude going into this fight is going to mean EVERYTHING to your cure. You are so brave, just keep it up. Remember, you have a huge army of people from all aspects of your life that are all fighting with you. Go for it kid!


  4. I’m really rooting for you and glad someone is already sharing tips and tricks. If you need special brownies I live in OC and can try to find them for you lol. Also I’m available for random help situations. #teamfilloon #truthissettingyoufree

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  5. Oh Cole’s been acting like he’s fully in his terrible twos for months now (I really hope so and not that it just gets worse;). Deep breaths is what I have to say everyday, ha. Hang in there mama. Love your positive attitude! We think about you and send our positive energy constantly. 😘

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