No Hair, Don’t Care 

It’s a two post kind of day. The events that occurred this evening were due to a serious need to sleep…

Grrrrrrrrr Aaarrrrrrrrgggggg! Is the noise I made either out loud or in my head, as to not wake the baby, each time I would put my head on a pillow. Or whenever I would lean back in a chair. People tell you that your hair will fall out but not that it hurts like a bitch in the process. So this evening I said fuck it. I turned on the smooth voices of John Mayer and Ray LaMontagne (thank you to my perfectly perfected Pandora station.) I grabbed the razor and gave myself something very similar to the San Diego Padre’s haircut. 

Not on purpose but I couldn’t see the back. John had to come in as the closer. Baseball reference… did I do it right? Anyways….
Mama. Is. Bald. 

I’m like the crystal ball from The Wizard of Oz. If you look closely you can see Toto or maybe the members of he Lolly Pop Guild. Shit- I looked like those guys too mid shave.  

Or maybe I’m more like that kids game Wooly Willy. Remember this guy?
Then I took a bubble bath to process what the hell I just did. 

You know, to be honest, I dig it. I’m Cancer Chic. 😜  And the ultimate test, got on the couch to relax and NO PAIN! Woot woot! 

Damn, my head needs a tan. 

*** Fun Fact- I am pretty sure this is only the second picture I have ever taken in the mirror like this. The first was several years ago to text to my dad to see if my dress was too short. It wasn’t. 👍🏻

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