6 Month Follow Up

Heyyyya! A quick check in after my most recent 6 month oncology follow up this past Friday.

Things are looking good overall. I’ll be getting routine blood work this week when I have a chance to stop in and I’m scheduled for a ‘surveillance’ CT scan this October.

My only complaint has been continuous pain in my left hand. Specifically my left thumb and middle finger. Sometimes I’m not able to use them at all, sometimes it’s just extremely painful and stiff. That all said, I’m getting X-rays this week on my hand to see if there’s anything obvious that comes up. And I have a bone scan at the end of July to see what’s up there. It’s been a few years since my last bone scan so it will be interesting to see how menopause has been treating me and my bones.

The family is good, the boys are growing like weeds, and I continue to be a hot mess mom. In the most lovable way possible, of course 🤭

John and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary last month 💜
Big Ol’ Kids 💙💙

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