Faces of C 

The primary reason for this blog has been to share all of the big doin’s with our family and friends while remaining completely honest and real. It has also morphed into a type of therapy for me- to help me get things off my chest. Pun not intended. 

I was looking back through some posts and realized I’m looking pretty good in most of them. Let me TOOT my own horn for a sec. And let me also thank filters. 😜Truth is that I have the luxury of choosing and retaking photos so I feel most confident when posting them. 

But I figured I’d show a true face of chemo. With a side of tired mommy. No filters.  No eyebrows. No eyeliner and mascara to hide my missing eyelashes. No blush and bronzer to cover my pale cheeks or fun lipgloss to plump those suckers up. No powder to soften my face so it’s not as shiny as my bald head. No eyeshadow to brighten my tired eyes. No hat to cover my slight cone head. 

I was never one to wear much makeup before the big C. Usually it was just some mascara, eyeliner, and chapstick (until I became allergic to chapstick and now have to rock Vaseline.) And I liked the simplicity of it all. 

But I have learned to really enjoy “putting my face on”. I don’t do it all the time, definitely not if I am just staying home. But it’s fun! Trying all of these products I never knew existed is exciting! And remember, if you look good, you feel better. Truth man. 😉

So here’s a no make up, day after chemo face. The dreamy bedroom backlight and sweet baby of mine help make things look a bit softer. What you can’t see is how truly exhausted I am. Or the bone pain. Or the Carboplatin messing with my stomach so badly that sometimes I don’t know if I’m going to immediately puke or shit my pants. 😐 Or neither and I’ve sprinted to the bathroom for no reason. Just keeping it real. 

I don’t know how many of these types of pictures I’ll post in the future. I don’t particularly like looking at myself as a patient and that’s what I feel like this shows. But I will continue to remain honest and real in my words. Promise. 

8 thoughts on “Faces of C 

  1. This was beautiful to read and you are beautiful in every way. You look better than I do on a daily basis and I’m not fighting cancer! Love you ❤️


  2. I love your strength, your brutal honesty and everything else about you I cannot put in to words. Chuck and I love you and will see you, John, Harlon and Wyatt soon.

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  3. This pictures is absolutely beautiful… what I see is a lot of Love, Determination, and Honesty. You are one incredible woman. I don’t always comment, but I look often to see if you have posted something new. I think of you everyday. Here’s to a lot more good times with a few challenging ones to mix it up. You’ve got this! Love to you and your family

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  4. You are an extraordinary woman.

    A little tip for your lips- Aquaphor works for everything. It has no ingredients that one could be allergic to. My dad gives it to his Accutane patients, who tend to have the most dry lips during treatment. It’s great for cuticles, eyelids, ouchies, and lips. 😊

    I love how with all you’re going through, you have that smile on your face. It really is contagious:)

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