AC Follow Up 

Per my oncologist, Friday’s exam looked good. Turns out though, my white blood cell count was a bit low with my last blood draw but she didn’t want to hold chemo off another week. So this means lots of exhaustion is to be expected this time around. I also need to monitor my temperature in case of a fever or infection due to the low counts. I am still on the Zarxio shots to raise my white blood counts but now I also have to go in Wednesday and Friday for blood draws to make sure they are keeping the numbers up. Usually, I just take the shots and trust that it’s working. 

Waiting for my biweekly boob check

Other than the additional shots, I don’t have too much to report. Thank goodness!! I went in for hydration on Friday evening which was planned. I’ve also been staying on top of my nausea meds and fluid intake much better than last time. I’m definitely tired and I feeldizzy at times but not like the last round. Honestly, if it had been as bad as last time, well, I don’t know. It would have been really bad. I’m not in the clear yet. Mouth sores showed up later in the week last time so that’s still a possibility. But generally speaking, I’m feeling pretty OK. I’ve been hesitant to even post this because I didn’t want to jinx myself. Even my month long cold is nearly gone. And my croup kid is feeling better too.  

Val and I at the Hydration Station. AKA at the infusion center getting fluids into my port.

Val has been a huge help here with the kiddos, allowing me to rest up.  We’re even hoping to get a Target trip in and an aquarium visit in this week as long as I stay feeling fine. 

Our first Onesie Sunday was a success
Spider-Gran and Spider-Man

Tuesday, I have another appointment with my surgeon now that I am half way through the final chunk of chemo. I don’t know if we will decide on a date or what will be discussed but, of course, I’ll let you all know. 

And if you have been curious as to what 26 eyebrow hairs look like. Here you go. 

26 eyebrow hairs. 26
And this guy, just because

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