Post Chemo Hydration 

Hydration Homie #1

Update from yesterday’s chemo. After lunch, I began to feel super sleepy so I went home to take an nap. When I woke up I was still extremely tired and started to feel really queasy. My anti nausea meds weren’t helping much. My knees, ankles, and wrists felt like jello. So I took a bath and eventually tried to go back to sleep.

Luckily I had an Oncology follow up appointment today. She gave me the reassurance I desperately craved. She felt nothing in my breast and under arm. Yay for good news! Bonus- she was able to get me into a chair for hydration. Hydration is in the same place as chemo so I felt right at home. Nurse Diane hooked me right up to some saline and Decadron (steroids that also help with nausea). The Decadron didn’t help with my queasy stomach so much so she hooked me up with some Ativan (an anti anxiety med that also helps with nausea). That did the trick. Luckily Aaron and his fiancé Jessica are down and were able to take me to these appointments, bring me a much needed sandwich during the infusion, and drive me home. They were my hydration homies. 

Hydration Homie #2

So now I just need to stay ahead of the nausea with my meds. And I really need to rest. At the moment, I’m trying to get both kids and the dog to mellow out and take a nap with me in my bed. Wish me luck. 

It’s working….

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