AC Aftermath 

Here we are, back at Kaiser for an oncology follow up and hydration for the AC aftermath. This is my big doin’s since I’ve been pretty much sleeping since chemo yesterday. The oncology appointment went well. I get to stop my blood thinner injections on March 10th. Yay!! Overall, I’m feeling ok. Suuuuuper tired and a little nauseous but ok. 

Tonight’s Hydration Homie- Mr. Filloon himself 💖

Since my diagnosis, I have seen the looks I get from people. Mostly pity looks but also shocked looks. And when I have the boys with me, the looks get more concerning. Yeah, I may be young. Yeah, I have two young kids. But I’m not the only one who finds themselves in this situation. I wish I had time to sit with each one of these people to explain that. And to answer any questions they may have, at least answer them to the best of my ability- from my experience. 

So, a reminder. I am an open book. I have never tried to sugarcoat any of this. I also don’t try to dramatize any of it. Ask me anything. Anything you may be curious about. Usually the first question I get is “did you find the lump on your own?” Yes, yes I did. Thankfully I did self breast exams often, as anyone should. So go for it, don’t be shy. 🤗

In case you ever wondered what the port looks like, here’s a fuzzy pic. They insert a needle in the middle of those 3 points.


2 thoughts on “AC Aftermath 

  1. Tired you might be now but only one to go and you’ll get your strength back. Then you can be a rock in’ mama 💃 👬 with those cute wonderful ( may be a bit biased) boys of yours. You are doing super. 💪💪💪❤️

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  2. Aunt Peggie got the flu shot and months later got the flu. I NEVER get the f;u shot and haven’t gotten the flu. I have seriously considered getting one just to be able to see you. I hope you are as proud of yourself as everyone else is proud of you. I know you are just doing “your thing.” The only reason “your thing” doesn’t make us love you more is because we couldn’t. I am serious about your book. When you are ready to share, I will contact my nephew Alan Jacobson (who has 9 best sellers and a new book coming out this month) to see about putting you in touch with someone who should read everything you have written.

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