This past Wednesday, I started back up on Xeloda. I am feeling pretty good so far but I did notice that the bottoms of my feet are turning red again. No pain yet, just red. And my hands are super dry. No amount of lotion or oil can hydrate them which is so frustrating. I’ve always been obsessed with having lotion on my hands so this is driving me nuts. Overall, I’ve noticed that my skin is extremely dry on the Xeloda weeks. 

As far as mood swings, I feel like the extremes have started to level out. I can’t remember crying since my last post… so there’s that. I’m still crazy irritable though. I find myself having to take lots of deep breaths and little time outs to get through things that are not even a big deal. But in those moments, they’re fricken massive issues for some reason. I’m hoping to continue this leveling out business so that I don’t end up chasing all my loved ones away. 😬

Also, this past Wednesday, I attended a yoga teacher training open house at my studio. You guys, I walked into this meeting excited and left completely pumped up! I literally got chills while listening to a past student talk about his experience with the training. And listening to the instructors, it all felt so right. 

I’ve thought about pursuing my yoga teacher certification for several years now. But I always found some reason to put it off. I’d decided that this was the year I would somehow figure it out. The universe must have been paying attention because I have been blessed with an incredible opportunity to earn my yoga teacher training certification with my studio, Yoga Sol in Yorba Linda. 

Thrilled doesn’t even come close to explaining how I feel about it all! I’m eager to see the positive changes to come, along with more physical and emotional healing. The curriculum sounds challenging yet fun and so very interesting. And I can already tell that the class community will be encouraging and supportive- we all seem to bring something different to the group which is super fun. 

Years ago, I wanted to get my yoga teacher training solely so that I could offer prenatal classes to women that were NOT held in the middle of the day. 🙄 … My goals and reasonings have shifted a bit since pregnancy but I still have a strong desire to learn more, deepen my practice and to be able to share it with others. The teachers at Yoga Sol have helped me heal so tremendously throughout this last year and have really inspired me to take this next step. 

Since going back to work, I’ve started to notice some seriously extreme pain on the right side of my neck, shoulder and upper back. At first my brain went to a bad place but then I realized, it’s a familiar pain that I’ve experienced on and off for several years now. I think it all dates back to a 2005 car accident where I ended up in the hospital- it was a Valentine’s Day to (black out from a head injury but wake up shortly after) remember. 😐And I’m pretty sure it’s flaring up again since I’m back, sitting at a desk for work. Thank goodness I have the most amazing chiropractor to help me out. Yup, the same gal who got me through two vomit filled and pain filled pregnancies and just a little life altering diagnosis. Rad. Lady. Posse. 💪🏻 Right after my adjustment, I felt relief. She sent me home with some great exercises so I can help myself along the way. 

I want to end this post with a MASSIVE thank you to my friend Joe at On Season Meals in Fullerton. When I was diagnosed, he offered to set us up with weekly prepped meals. These meals not only fed me, John, and the kids but they also fed caregivers who came to help us out. They saved us on nights where we were so exhausted from appointments, medications, surgeries, overall parenting… that making dinner would not have happened. These meals kept us eating healthy when it could have been so easy to go through a drive thru somewhere and eat crap. 

So, Joe (hah that rhymes 😜) thank you to you and your staff for everything!! I don’t know how we can ever express how grateful we are for your generosity and support! 

Team Filloon- what began as a family joke, has proven to be the strongest team ever. You guys keep us going whether you know it or not. My worry is that it will never truly be understood how thankful we are for each and every one of you. 💜 

4 thoughts on “Unicorn

  1. This is exciting news! I am glad this topsy turvy journey, although not to it full fruition, is coming around the corner with some great outcomes for you. I can see you being a Yogi. (I think that is the correct word) What you do not realize is what you have done for all of us. You, through this road less traveled, have made us more compassionate, human and able to walk the walk holding your hand or your family’s (figuratively that is). Your work already started when you began this blog, this is just a continuum of what is before us all. I look forward to your new journey and know that for those who only know you via 6 degrees, you are cherished and loved.

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  2. You know your yoga training will smooth you out. No matter how snarky you get you won’t lose us. Team Filloon can withstand a lot more than that. ❤️😊❤️

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  3. Jess, life is looking up in so many ways!!! So happy for you & your wonderful family & friends!!

    Remember, your Mom & Dad are smiling down! ❤️❤️ XO

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  4. That is so cool about getting your yoga certification. Good for you, Jess. All of your experiences up til now have lead you to this point- the timing is just right! Hope your side effects from the meds go away soon. Hang in there! Xo

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