Oncology Check-up

Today was my Oncology check up and while in the waiting room, I saw the tree from the Survivor Day. I smiled while looking for my leaf and mega cheesed when I stepped back to look at the entire tree filled with each survivors’ handwriting. It’s truly an inspiring sight.

When I saw my doctor, it felt nice to not have a list of questions and problems to discuss with her. Lately, the only issue I have is joint pain. It comes and goes and is usually the worst in my left hand and wrist- which we will continue to monitor. And a little bit of neuropathy on the top of my right foot- completely manageable and expected after chemo.

Towards the end of the appointment, she began to tell me she’d see me back in six months. She obviously sensed my anxiety because she paused and then asked me if that would be ok. Initially I said “Oh, yeah. It’s cool” because I didn’t want to be that pain-in-the-ass patient… but immediately laughed and asked if we could do 4 months instead- because I AM that pain-in-the-ass patient. She laughed and agreed on 4 months, even insisting that I’m not a pain… I then asked her if there was anything I should be doing at this point, like trials or treatments. Her response- “Living your life. These will just be more like social visits.” I am Cool. With. That.

At the appointment, we had also talked about how my baby, BABY!, turns two this Friday. His major milestones are also huge milestones for me. Just two years ago, John and I were admitted to the hospital for Little Man’s induction at 35 weeks. In some ways it feels like yesterday and others, like a lifetime ago. Happy almost birthday to my feisty, no longer Quiet, Wyatt. 💙

Last week, with the holiday and John being away for work, I didn’t teach any yoga classes. And while I managed to get a lot done on those free nights, I found that I really missed teaching. I missed the comfort of the studio and the energy of the students. The joy they bring to the room makes my heart so happy.

And speaking of joy, I was also pumped to be back this week because I got to try out my new mat from a local company, https://joiyogi.com/. They make these striking, eco-friendly, natural tree rubber yoga mats 👌🏻 And because rolling out a new mat is always a good time 😍 I even have a discount code for 30% off if anyone is down for a new mat. Just enter MAMA30 at checkout. Dooooo it 🧘🏻‍♀️

Pete Dog trying out the new mat. He approved.

The Kaiser Peer Support volunteer orientation will be at the end of this month and I’m eager to begin connecting with others. I hear they have quite a few people who are interested in the program. In the meantime, I was able to meet up with an amazing gal who was recently diagnosed and lives here in Orange County. We were connected via the YSC San Diego Facebook group and I am so thankful to have been. It’s always nice to meet someone who you can tell you’d be friends with, even if the circumstances were different.

I’m also working on a little blog project for the month of October, I’ll explain more when we get closer but keep your peepers peeled. 👀

Little Har’s first game last Saturday ⚽️

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