Update to the Update

No, I’m not contagious. Words I’ve been repeating too often. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I’m currently on my fourth round of antibiotics and second round of steroids for a sinus infection that began around Christmastime. Last week, I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and am scheduled for sinus surgery on March 15. There’s a slight chance that the surgery can be canceled if I respond well to this round of meds but as of now, I feel exactly the same. A follow up CT scan of my face in a couple of weeks will confirm the next step.

Turns out I also have a severely deviated septum. Who knew? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Not me. And I’ve been living with this sucker since birth. If surgery does happen, this will be fixed along with the sinuses. No, no I’m not getting a nose job. Actually, I’m pretty fond of my sniffer and was quick to make sure that the shape won’t change. 👍🏻

Now, before someone sends me a link listing the benefits of shoving kale up my ass and bathing in pure lemon juice (because if it cures C, it has to help inflamed sinuses, right? 😜) I’ve tried everything- Sinus rinses, sinus sprays, standing on my head, increased fluids, meds, acupuncture, essential oils, crystals, diet changes, cupping, hot showers, epsom salt baths, breathing exercises…. you get it. And still I sound like Fran Drescher. And I am sick of that voice booming throughout my head each day. As I’m sure those around me are sick of it too. Especially the students in my ‘relaxing’ restorative classes. Nothing eases your mind like the sweet sound of a plugged up, nasally Miley Cyrus-ish voice guiding you through a healing body scan. 🙄

Update to the update to the update to follow soon.

4 thoughts on “Update to the Update

  1. First of all babe I love the new pic. You look great!!! Doesn’t look like you need a nose job at all😍. Let’s hope things clear up and no surgery needed but if not at least you’ll get some relief Thinking of you

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  2. Good for you taking care of yourself. I had sinus surgery about 20 years ago, painful but it did help lessen the amount of sinus infections. Oompa came to help out 🙂 Sending love and prayers your way, sinus infections
    suck balls!

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  3. Geez, can the girl get a break. Are you all serious about butt kale? Dale and I are saying “what??” Seriously hoping this fixes it Jess❤️❤️

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