Quick Health Update

Just a quick health update on me- you may have seen in the last post that I’ve been sick for quite a while. I got a cold before Christmas, started to feel better- only to catch something else after the new year- which never went away.

I’ve been treated for a sinus infection- three rounds of antibiotics and some steroids with very little relief. I saw the Ear, Nose, Throat doc yesterday and have been given a new nasal spray that helps a little with the congestion. But my ears are constantly plugged, as if I’m living under water. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

So this morning, I had a CT of the sinuses. I have an appointment scheduled soon to see another sinus specialist, as well as a hearing test. I also had some allergy tests done yesterday but am still pending the results.

A little better news, I saw my oncologist for a routine follow up on Friday and all looked well on her side. I will see her again in 6 months. 💜

And because health is not just related to the physical body, I finally got myself back into therapy. In order to be the person I want to be for others, I have to take care of myself first, but it’s often a hard thing to do, or at least for me- to get started. But as we all know- you can’t pour from an empty cup. 💜

2 thoughts on “Quick Health Update

  1. So very glad to hear. Jess, I just had a realization a week or so ago…. I was in a mangle of emotions over the past 15 months or so – not feeling like I wanted to do much! Living in this new climate where it’s either too cold or too humid to go out was the perfect excuse to become hermit like! I am now close to being my old self! I really think it’s all the “stuff” we had to put into our bodies to become healthy again. I mistook it for aging and change in living situation. Whatever it is/was I am committed to living in the moment and being so aware of the miracle in each day! Your soul is amazing and while I don’t reach out much… please know I send you good juju every day! Keep on truckin’ we ole hippies from the 70’s say! 💋

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