Oncology Follow Up

Last week, when I got the call to schedule my oncology follow up, I was totally thrown off when they told me I would be seeing the Nurse Practitioner instead of my oncologist. I panicked… I stuttered… I asked if he was sure about three times. And finally left the conversation saying “Well, I guess this is a good sign… I’ve graduated… yeah?…”

The thing is, I just really love seeing my oncologist. She’s smart, confident, and knows how to talk me down when I start to totally lose my shit. Thankfully the NP was great too. She took the time to look over my chart before walking in and looked right at Wyatt, recognizing that he was the dude in my belly when I was diagnosed.

The overall appointment went well. The NP didn’t flinch when I told her I would not be getting reconstruction when asked. She was super cool with my kids being crazy people in the tiny exam room. She listened to my anxious word vomit when we discussed my consistently low white blood cell count…

Yeah, so that’s been a thing for the last several months. There is no answer as to why the counts are low. So I am being monitored for the next 4 months, getting blood tests every 4 weeks. If there is still no answer after all of these tests and follow ups, my future may hold a bone marrow biopsy which apparently hurts like hell. My oncologist did poke her head in during my appointment to say hi to the kids and I and did not seem too concerned but agrees to the nurse’s plan of monthly blood tests and followup.

Funny thing is I feel totally fine- other than not sleeping, which has been ongoing for nearly a year now. So I’m super interested to see what we find out.

As always, stay tuned for updates.

Until then, look below to see my kids on my ol’ stomping ground. No, not SDSU, not Tracy High. Good Old Kaiser. Those two are kinda a big deal….

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