Newest Project – Soul Seedlings

Hey you guuuyyyyyys! (How did you say that in your head? Sloth-like I hope 🤞)

Popping in to share a new project I’ve been working on- Soul Seedlings // Affirmations for the Young at Heart. This will be my third affirmation deck inspired by my C experiences- this time with the kiddos in mind.

Soul Seedlings // Affirmations for the Young at Heart

I’ve launched a Kickstarter to fund the project and would greatly appreciate any feedback and, of course, your support would be magical!

This deck is a bit more whimsical and bright and NOT just for the littles. Turns out, a lot of us are feeling connected with the designs and words. Who knew we all have a tiny human inside of us still trying to figure things out- HA! Kidding, we know but how often do we support that part of us?

Advisory Board

You can check it out here and if you backed the Original Soul Seeds Affirmation Deck, you’ll remember that you will only be charged once the project is fully backed. Please share the campaign with the teachers, therapists, parents, and anyone else who would benefit from some kind words and self love. The Kickstarter will run until August 11 and there are still a handful of Early Bird rewards available.

XOXO and happy planting! {Soul Seeds that is 😉}

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