Annual ABCs of GRATITUDE – 2019 Edition

It’s that time of year once again- a time of thanks, of gratitude, of…. WAIT- isn’t that everyday?! You’re D A M N R I G H T. Even though some days are more difficult than others, I do strive to take mindful moments throughout and notice what I’m grateful for. Sometimes that consists of jotting things down in my notebook and really contemplating. And sometimes it looks like me crashing in my bed after a shit-hole day and just being grateful I made it through.

When I was diagnosed in 2016, I was inspired… ok, really, I was bored in chemo and just trying to pass the time… to do a spin off of my usual ABC lists I had typically used to help me fall asleep at night… oh, and that one time used to keep my mind busy while large biopsy needles were inserted into my massive prego boobs. So to continue with my thankful and grateful traditions, I’ve put together my annual ABC’s of Gratitude again.

I always find it funny to look back and see what has changed, what’s similar and what is the same… word. for. word. That shit’s pretty weird. See for yourself. I guess new years, same me! 2016 2017 2018

Annnnnd new year, same sweatshirt if you went back the 2016 post

Quick reminder, these are things I am truly grateful for, no matter how big or small they seem. And since it’s my game, I make the rules. Here we go! {In my best Mario Kart voice}

A- Audiobooks From The Library

B- Be Well Yoga for Cancer Recovery & Bubble Baths

C- Community

D- Disney +

E- Edibles

F- Family, Friends & F-Bombs

G- My Mini-Herb Garden

H- Health, Home, & Those Damn Cute Hummingbirds

I- Incense & Intentions

J- Jobs I Truly Enjoy Showing Up To

K- A Sig-O Who Is Incredible In The Kitchen

L- L O V E

M- The Moon & Movie Quotes

N- Notes… Sticky Notes, Note Pads, Phone Notes, Notebooks

O- Other People Sharing Their Stories

P- Pete-Doggy-Dog

Q- Quite Time

R- Rain & Rainbows

S- Safe Spaces & Sweatpants

T- Our Tiny Humans

U- That ‘Vintage’ Episode of Sesame Street With Smokey Robinson Singing To The Letter U

V- Vehicles That Allow Us To Safely Get From Place To Place

W- White Vinegar… What Can I Say, I Really Enjoy Cleaning

X- X-tra Hot Showers

Y- Yoga Practices & My Young C Pals

Z- Zoloft

Wishing you all Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you, Thank you (I just told the kids you HAVE to say thank you twice on Thanksgiving) for reading and for being so rad. I am grateful for ALL of you!

And if you feel like putting it out there, tell me- What are you grateful for? 🍁

Scars + Celebrations

Oh, hey there. 👋 It’s been a bit… so I thought I’d pop in with a few updates.

It’s been a little over 3 weeks since my appendectomy and I’m healing quite well. It still hurts like a Mo’ Fo’ anytime I sneeze, cough, or laugh enthusiastically… as if my intestines might burst out from my incisions. And I’m still limited on exercise and lifting. But other than that, I’m feeling pretty fine.

My most recent side boob… AKA side scar pic {wink, wink}

Our weekly Yoga For Cancer Recovery class at Yoga Sol has been going really well. After each class, I find my self in tears of joy and some sadness but also so grateful to be able to co-teach class with my dear friend Jenny at such an amazing studio. My passion for yoga, healing and community shines even brighter than ever before. It’s so rad to be able to truly say ‘I love my job!’

My gal pal Jenny 💖

The Soul Seeds // Affirmation Deck Kickstarter is nearing the end- a little less than a week left- and it’s currently 95% funded!! So fucking cool! Not only is it exciting to see the hard work I’ve been putting in getting closer to fruition, the relationships and community that have been sprouting are incredible! Gratitude fills me completely 💖

The kiddos are adjusting well to their new schools and I am adjusting to the new drop off / pick up schedules along with sports, sports, sports {anyone else have that VTech kids toy?} And I’m thankful to have some rad mom friends on the side lines.

And finally, we celebrated our baby doll, Wyatt, last Saturday as he turned 3… THREE… T H R E E! Oh, my heart. MY HEART! He is a smart, funny, loving, stubborn, kick in the pants kind of kid.

“I wake each day with a grateful heart…”

Grateful As F

Since I was a little kid, I have said the same prayer to myself before going to bed each night. “As I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take” followed by all of the things I am grateful for. Even as a small child, I realized the last line was a little ‘much’ but it is what it is.

I learned the prayer from a small card that my mom had, which I eventually took over and would thumbtack above my bed. With my intense anxiety as a kid, this card always made me feel protected when I felt the most vulnerable.

If you read my last post, you know I have been working on simplifying my life and trying to be more present. I am proud of the little steps I’ve made. I’ve even crafted a morning ritual to help me start my day in a peaceful and grateful manner with morning meditation, me time, and self care. It has helped me tremendously with my attitude and patience! But it wasn’t until last night, as I said my prayer, listing the things I am grateful for, and thinking about this post- that I really listened to myself. It’s taken all these years to realize that I create a Gratitude List every night. I am proud of my evening ritual and bookending my day this way really works for me.

To continue with thankful and grateful traditions, I’ve created my annual ABC’s of Gratitude. Quick reminder, these are things I am truly grateful for, no matter how big or small and they seem. Here goes it 💜

A- Audiobooks

B- Braless-ness

C- Crystals and CBD Oil

D- Dance Parties

E- Essential Oils

F- Family and Friends

G- Giggles

H- Our Home

I- Instacart

J- Jobs I Enjoy Showing Up To

K- Kind People

L- Lists

M- Meditation and Meditation Apps

N- Neck Massages

O- Old Memories

P- My Planner

Q- Quiet Time

R- Dinner Reservations

S- Stretchy Pants and Swear Words

T- Team Work

U- Unsubscribe Buttons

V- Vegas

W- Warm Beverages

X- Extra Numbing at the Dentist Office

Y- Yoga

Z- Zero Drama Llamas

Happy Thanksgiving 🍁