Shots, shots, shots! 

In my best Lil Jon voice. That’s how I feel today. But not the fun kind, instead the shot in your ass kind. Still keeping up with the blood thinner shots every 12 hours but added a steroid shot (in my butt!) to help with the little man’s lungs since he is coming 5 weeks early. I’ll go back tomorrow for another. Baby is looking good, measuring great, and kicking the crap out of my insides. 👍🏻

Other than that, today was nice. I felt like I am only preparing for another baby. Got my hospital bag packed, cleaned up some stuff around the house, hit up Trader Joe’s, put together the rocking chair in the nursery- thank you steroid shot. At least, I’m blaming that. I feel like one of those kids who takes Adderall to study, so focused 😳 And still wide awake.  Yikes. 

But this morning was the best. I was taking Harlon to the babysitter and I told him that he was getting a baby brother next week. And that soon after, mama would be a little sick. He didn’t say anything until I told him it was all going to be Okay. His response was a confident “Okay”. And I said “Okay”. I love that kid.  Good thing we are on the same page.  😉

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