The other half

Jess so graciously invited me to share my thoughts as we embark on this journey. I am lucky enough to be married to this amazing women and am happy to stand by her as we take on this life challenge. Before we get too far ahead on this journey let’s go back to the beginning.

Jess and I meet in San Diego. At the time Jess was attending San Diego State and waitressing at Trophy’s (a local sports themed restaurant). One day my buddies and I were bored and decided to go to lunch and have a few drinks. We decided on Trophy’s, a random choice for us as we typically did not choose that establishment for our debauchery but nonetheless we ended up there. As all three of us crammed into one pie of the revolving door, Jess looked up and asked the hostess not to seat us in her section. We were fresh from the pool and I had a headband on, loud and rambunctious we asked for a table for three.

Needless to say the hostess disregarded Jessica’s request and we were sat in her section. Up walked this beautifully cute waitress in a tight black underarmour shirt and short black shorts. She owned the outfit and she owned us. I was immediately attracted to her, gorgeous face, great body, and an infectious smile. This is not the first time the girls has gotten Jess in trouble ;0

Not sure if we ate much but we did decide to play a drinking game called sugars. It’s like liars dice with sweet and low. The one loser would have to take a shot of choice of the other two winners. Jess got a kick at watching us shoot ridiculous shots but the bartender was short on patience. We were getting ready to move on when Jess said that they were slow and she was getting cut. She then asked us if we wanted to get a beer at Applebee’s. Yup, she asked us out, all three! Of course we did not turn down this cute waitress in her underarmour shirt and short black shorts.

Well as they say the rest is history… we dated for 8 years and then we got married. We have been married for 3 years last June. The proposal kicked ass and our wedding was one of the best days of my life. I will get into those later but for now I just wanted to share how we met because I feel its important insight into who this woman is and what kind of strength she possess. She is an amazing woman inside and out. I know its going to take all of that strength and then some but the reason I am so positive is because I know the fight and spunk she has and I have seen the fire. Jess has celebrated with me during the best of times and stood by me through the worst. So here we are, another obstacle in this crazy life.




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