We got our backpacks!

 All our bags are packed, we’re ready to go. We got our backpacks on and we are heading to the hospital. Jess was admitted at 3pm. Reminder that once induced, it can’t take up to two days🙃 We are so excited to be adding a new little dude to our squad. Today is all about Jess and the new addition, nothing else. Focus on what we can control today! We want to thank everyone again for the their support. #teamfilloon is unparalleled in support, love, and passion. 💯

3 thoughts on “We got our backpacks!

  1. Seriously…… A Whittier backpack. Next thing I know you’ll name that beautiful child Coach!!!
    Thinking of you and watching the blog for updates all the time.
    You 2 are so special and I love you



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