He’s here! 

I went to sleep and woke up to a baby in John’s arms. Sounds cool, right? 

It was a hell of a couple days. We were finally admitted to Kaiser at 3pm on Monday, September 12th. I was started on some pills to get things going. By Tuesday morning, they inserted a crazy balloon contraption  🎈 to get me dialated and then started the pitocin.  Things were moving along Tuesday just fine, got the epidural, contractions were stronger and they broke my water late that night. Suddenly it was time to push so we tried a couple of times. That’s when they realized he was breached. That. Was. Painful. 

My epidural had stopped working and in a matter of seconds, there were about 10 people in my room, all talking quickly and shuffling us out.  The baby had pooped while inside of me. Not good. And they were unable to deliver him in that position all while his heart rate was dropping. Also not good. If you remember, we really wanted to avoid a C Section. And here we were, rushing me into an emergency cesarean. As we recreated the Fast and the Furious down the hallways, I started to freak the F out. John couldn’t be in there with me and honestly I wasn’t sure what the hell was happening. 

Through my tears, the anesthesiologist told me I was going to get sleepy. Next thing I know, I’m in a recovery room trying to focus my blurry vision on John holding this mystery child.   I feel like it took forever to “wake up”, I couldn’t complete a sentence or thought for the life of me. We were then wheeled to postpartum to rest. That’s when I found out he was born at 12:22 am and weighed 5 lbs, 10 oz. They also told me he had a great first cry. Neither John nor I were able to hear it- which does bum me out a bit. 

Today was spent NOT EATING ANYTHING, getting scans, ultrasounds, and a port placed for chemo. It’s not until now that I feel like I can bond with the little man. He’s perfect and well worth the nearly unbearable pregnancy full of so much vomit and pain. 

Tomorrow I will be getting more scans but hopefully can get out of bed, shower, and love on this kid more. We will also talk to the oncologist to see how long chemo needs to be delayed for healing. 

So now, say hello to Wyatt Jackson Filloon. Mama, Daddy, and big brother are just in love! 💘

8 thoughts on “He’s here! 

  1. LOVE his name. Wyatt is beautiful! And you are a ROCKSTAR! We, along with so many friends back east, are praying for you guys! One day at a time! Love you tons. Thanks for the update. Xo


  2. Wow Jess, the universe must think you’re a pretty unbelievable woman to put you through that kind of labor and delivery. I’m sorry it was so rough and it what you envisioned. But thank god for the beautiful healthy baby at the end and that you’re okay too…I use the word okay loosely because I’m sure you’re in a lot of pain and probably an emotional mess as most women are after having a baby. He is so beautiful and lucky as hell to have you and John as his parents! Congratulations mama! ❤️❤️❤️


  3. Love you Filloon the no longer Balloon! He’s so precious and PERFECT. I love seeing the pics of Harlon looking like, “what the heck is this thing?” haha. I can’t believe you’re posting this right after going through such a tough experience. You amaze me. But THANK YOU because you have so many fans out there and I’m so grateful you’ve allowed us to follow your journey. I read it every day. Btw, Jason also poo’d on himself right before coming out and he always says, “I was born a shithead!” hahahaha. Thought that’d make you laugh.


  4. You guys have been in my thoughts and prayers all week. Happy to hear that although not the original plan that wyatt arrived healthy. Prayers for a speedy recovery so you can get on with kicking cancers butt! #teamfilloon


  5. Omg!!!!! You did it!!!
    Wyatt- what a great name!
    John must be thrilled!!!!
    A beautiful family of four!!
    It doesn’t get better than this! Enjoy every minute!
    Love and Happiness to you all!❤👍

    Aunt Roz and Cousin Rachel💋💋


  6. ❤ Jess, you Warrior Woman You!!!!

    So brave, strong & powerful
    Hell yeah! whoop-whoop!
    He’s so beautiful!!!

    YOUR Mommy is crying HAPPY TEARS😂. AND
    SMILING WITH SO MUCH JOY!!!!! 😃😆😃💘💘💘💘


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