Team Filloon in the house 

We got discharged yesterday (9/16/16) afternoon at about 5 pm. We are all home and happy. 

As I type this, I am covered in pee and have cabbage in my bra. Sure, I can explain. The pee is not mine. At least I don’t believe it is. I’m on some hard core meds so you never truly know. The cabbage is there to help stop my milk from coming in. I had hoped to breastfeed until chemo started but with a bone scan on the horizon, I wouldn’t be able to feed for 3 days after the scan. In fact, I can’t even be near my kids for 3 days let alone feed Wyatt. Yeah, not cool but I have no choice. The radiation used for the scan is way to harmful for them. So now, I am trying to dry up the milk I had wanted to badly. It feels nice to know I had a couple of days to breastfeed Wyatt. He latched on perfectly and would have rocked it! But we have been so lucky to have some of that liquid gold donated to us by family and a few others. 

Go ahead, wrinkle your nose and head tilt. Gag if you feel the need. No judgement here. It’s a pretty crazy concept, it took me a second to be ok with it. Took John a little longer 😜 I know that it’s not how things usually go. But then again, has any of this gone even close to a preferable plan? Nope. And it’s important to me to give Wyatt some of the same nutritional benefits that Harlon had. I am so thankful to have these amazing ladies donate their hard earned milk to us! It’s just one of the millions of things I am thankful for this far. You all continue to amaze me everyday with your love, support, offers, and prayers. 

Chemotherapy has been delayed until September 29th so I can heal from the C section, and boy, is it a bitch. I am in so much pain and the meds help only slightly. The port placement is also still sore but seems to be getting better daily. 

So for now, I will continue to focus on healing. Eating right, getting rest thanks to all of our helpers, and staying positive. ✌🏻️ Oh and dodging Harlon’s head butts and eager hugs to my new cool abdominal scar. 

3 thoughts on “Team Filloon in the house 

  1. Well, jess, it looks like you on right on track! Way to go SUPER STAR! You are you brave, strong and one incredible woman! You must be over the noon with your family 🙂 Thinking about you and wishing you a quick recovery! Love Aunt Roz

    You start your new eating regime, ” clean”, I’m assuming 🙂 You are going to feel so good! …..clean foods, exercise positive meditation, only happy, peaceful thoughts. Let John lead the way . you couldny have chosen a more beautiful person to marry. I am thrilled for you all❤❤


  2. So happy to hear you’re home. Love your updates, by the way. You are a great writer- and really funny! 🙂 Keep up the positive energy- you’re doing great and we’ve got lots of prayers coming your way from family and friends! #TeamFilloon. 😘


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