‘Tis the Season

I’ve been sitting with all sorts of emotions this holiday season. As I do each year. Highs, lows, joy, sadness. And I think- nope, I’m sure- these emotions are screwing with my desire to write. Which is a bummer because writing usually brings me so much joy, peace, and healing. Lately though, everything I write down feels so import in the moment but when I go back to add and/or edit, I find that I’m just not ready to share. Or that it’s just a bunch of crap. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Most of my notes have been about my parents and how the holidays are just so tough and lonely without them. Of course, I am grateful for all of the amazing people I do have in my life but there will always be these voids that only they can fill. …And the rest of my notes are about my anxiety and shit. You know, the super uplifting kind of topics.

So, I’ll just say this- for all of my people who have lost someone special, I see you. I know that times get hard… but I see you. And for my people who struggle with anxiety, maybe do like our boy Elmo (and me and my kids) and Belly Breath [yeah, yeah Google it and you’ll see it’s a Sesame Street video, but damn, it’s helpful… and catchy].

I want to wish everyone a beautifully magical New Year, filled with love, excitement, health and happiness. Cheers to 2019✨

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