Do you ever wake up in the morning, mostly clear headed, feeling inspired by life, ready to do some thangs? Throughout the early part of the day, you’re creating to-do lists to help get your life in order, you’re setting goals, planning out how you’re going to change the world and do great things…

But as the day goes on, you begin to lose steam, lose your drive. Finally, by 7pm, you’re doing only what’s needed in order to complete the day and then it becomes time to turn the good ol’ brain OFF. Comforting yourself by saying “I’ll get the inspiration back tomorrow… and tomorrow I won’t shut down until I follow through with some of that cool shit.”

Yeah? No?… No? It’s just me?

I’d like to blame the frequent evening-inspired-laziness on this crappy cold I’ve been fighting since before Christmas (I am seeing the doc tomorrow) but I can’t lie to myself, or anyone for that matter. I am a terrible liar. The guilt makes me want to spew…. Anyway- I can’t blame my cold for something that has been an issue for me for a long time now.

For example, I have been starting blog posts and never taking the time to actually finish for months now. By the time I get inspired to write again, none of what I jotted down is relevant anymore, so I tell myself that I’ll for sure follow through next time…

Another example- I have been playing around with thoughts of turning this blog into some sort of printable book. Not actually for sale but something that my boys can show their great-grandkids when boasting about their ultra-cool and witty mom. (Probably not but I can dream) So I make notes of things I need to look into, steps to take. I get home, do the regular end-of-day duties and then ask myself if any of this is really necessary, who cares to read this stuff later…. blah, blah. Inspiration gone.

Just tonight, I am looking at my most recent sticky note of morning inspirations and epiphanies. It’s filled with ideas as to how I can enhance and deepen my yoga practice and teaching, ways to study up on mindfulness and meditation so I can share with others, how I can serve and give back to the C community…how to Marie Kondo my life… All things I wanted to give my full attention to and just continue to put off for later.

{Just to remain completely honest- I have just hit the point of my evening where I told myself- “Oh, just finish this post tomorrow…” GAH! What is wrong with me?!}

I’m not tired, there’s not a show I’m wanting to watch instead. I’m just ready to turn my brain off for the day.

So, help? How do you stay motivated and inspired?

Because I’m ready to change the world… just maybe tomorrow….

3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. What you are feeling is very common, especially when fighting a long term cold. Your energy is sapped by the end of the day. 😞
    But as far as the book you need to keep going. Your blogs have brought inspiration to many. We need to get it published. Any help you need and I’m there❤️❤️❤️

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