Surgery Pals


Pete Dog has recovered extremely well from his recent surgery. Feisty as shit, like nothing ever happened.

He went in a few weeks ago for a tumor removal on his front left paw. And thankfully the biopsy came back non-C. 🙌🏻 We anticipated him to have one toe removed but they ended up taking two, in order to be sure they had clear margins. Once his hair grows back, I doubt anyone will even be able to tell.

And because we like to sync up our hospital visits… Me- 1st pregnancy, Pete- 1st knee replacement. Me- 2nd pregnancy, Pete- Nearly losing an eyeball (I shit you not, I was constantly on the look out so that Harlon wouldn’t pick it up and eat it). Me- C diagnosis in pregnancy, Pete- 2nd knee replacement… It’s kinda our thing…. So, to keep up the tradition, this Friday I am going in for my sinus surgery and septum straightening.

Like I have said in the past, I’ve tried everything I can to help me (short of ass-kale) – but{t} 😂 no luck. Things have slightly improved, though not 100%. Yesterday morning, for example, I felt ok for the first couple hours of the day and even thought I might possibly be able to postpone surgery. Only to get to work, hacking up a lung and blowing my morning halfway through a tissue box.

I’m excited to be able to breathe again. And to be able to tie my shoe without the pressure being so bad that I feel like my eyeballs might pull ‘a Petey’. It’s the little things, you know?

According to my surgeon, recovery should be pretty easy- no swelling or bruising. And as of right now, I’m only taking Monday off from my office job and from teaching yoga. But will play it by ear.

But here’s the important question- WHAT song should I request to be playing as I go in for surgery? I mean, obviously I stick with Britney- she was with me for the past surgeries.

All suggestions will be considered and are appreciated 😉

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