Soul Seeds

So, I did this thing…

You may have read a post several months back about me starting up a Kickstarter campaign for my side project: Soul Seeds // Affirmation Deck. The Kickstarter was a success- massive thanks to all who supported and continue to support me! Once the decks were received by me, I went in a-banging and have gotten most of the pre-ordered decks out – with the exception of a few missing addresses… so if that’s you- PLEASE REACH OUT!!

But if that’s not you and you’re like- ‘wait, what?! I want one of those 52 card positive affirmation decks with dreamy geometric designs!’… To that I say- Don’t Worry, Be Happy because those babies are up for purchase on my website! ~ Sayyyyy whaaaaat!? ANOTHER website? ~ Yup, damn right! I have another website that I haven’t really done much with until now. Check it out to see awkward photos of myself and other yoga and affirmation related goodness. I also have additional dreams-a-brewin’ that I hope to get up in there sometime in the near future too.

Oh and since I apparently love purchasing domains and setting up websites, stay tuned for another side project in the works. Kewl shit, right?


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