Tatted Up

My last pre-rad appointment got moved up to today which means rads will be starting sooner than I had thought. May 31 to be exact. But it’s all good. Get ‘er done, yeah? 

Just like chemo, I was the youngest person in the waiting room by far. I feel like I don’t belong there but I’m sure no one feels like they belong there.  I do love, though, how HGTV is always on the tv while we wait. It’s like a universal love language, bringing us all together.  

Today was X-rays and tattoos. The first guy who brought me back went over my schedule and some precautions. Like don’t wear any lotions on the area that’s being radiated prior to each appointment. Oh and no underwire bras. I said no problem man, I’ve got no boobs. We both laughed way too hard at this. 

Then they sent me back to change into my gown and I headed in to meet Viv. I don’t know if that’s really her name but that’s what I’ll call her. Viv is the bad mama jama who will be zapping me each day. She resembles a massive microscope from freshman year science class and lives in a room called ‘Harmony’. 

The nurses positioned me on the board, arms above my head and told me not to move. They had some nice jams playing on Pandora- some Fleetwood Mac, Jack Johnson, Alicia Keys, Spanish Guitar, Mary J Blige, Crosby Stills and Nash, Billy Joel…. Sting. I had them skip Sting because- no thank you. 

The nurses began lining me up with lasers shooting from the ceiling and the machine. They work in millimeters which means they sometimes had to shimmy me to get me into just the right spot. I chuckled pretty  hard and told them how funny it would be if I still had boobs! Jiggling all around 😂They seemed to enjoy it. The joke, not my shimmy. 

The pens they used to make new marks tickled super bad which made it difficult to stay in the exact same spot. I wasn’t even supposed to take a deep breath because it could screw things up. Have you ever tried to hold in a laugh when it’s super quiet and you don’t want to make a scene? Then you start to make weird fart-like noises with your mouth because holding it just can’t happen? I suddenly felt that way with the pens. And as soon as they told me to just breathe normal, my body was like “oh, yup, now’s the time we need to yawn and really get some oxygen up in here.” Figures right? And then, of course, since I wasn’t supposed to move, I started to itch. All over. First it was the top of my head, then my left eye, then my right eye, my right shoulder blade, left nostril, pinky toe, right nostril…you get it. 

After about 20 minutes, they came in and told me that the machine messed up and they had to restart the computer. This meant, yeah you guessed it, we had to start ALL over. 

Once they finally got all of the X-rays they needed and had the final spots located to line me up, it was time for the tattoos. Those little jerks were way more painful than I thought they’d be. In total, I was given four freckle like marks. The last one felt very Pulp Fiction-y. Stabbed right in the center of my chest. And then I was done! 

I’m so ready to start this part of treatment, I’m ready to let Viv do her thang. Mama’s got things to do, places to go, people to see! 
So I’m gonna get on that. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the term ‘bucket list’. Basically, I try NOT to think of kicking the bucket. I can’t like it. So instead, I have a list of rad shit I’d like to do- sonner than later. 

For the last two months or so I’ve been craving Hawaii. Maybe I’ve seen Moana one too many times. But hell, that sea, 🎵it calls me🎵. It’s not just Hawaii I need to get to, but France- to tour the vineyards, New York- to meet Hoda and the whole Today Show gang (obviously), Machu Picchu, Sedona, Big Sur, Greece… and then some. But it’s Hawaii that’s really calling me right now. Maybe it’s because relaxing on a warm beach, listening to the waves crash with sweet Hawaiian music playing just seems so therapeutic. I’m visualizing the kids playing in the sand, enjoying a luau as a family, swimming around with some big ass turtles. This urge is something fierce. So to continue with my never ending quest to heal mentally and physically- along with my supplements, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, Drs visits, crystals, visualizations, and so on- I want to brave the flight with two littles, to soak up those healing Hawaiian vibes. 

So, I guess I’ll say this- if you have a bucket list, a rad shit you want to do list, or any other list written on a sticky note somewhere in a drawer, get on it. Don’t wait until something comes and lights a fire under your butt. 
I’m officially adding Hawaii to my comeback tour. 

Comeback tour, wait, what’s that? …. I’ll get into it later. 

Fun fact: because my appointment ran so late, I got to see a beautiful sunset on the way home. 

4 thoughts on “Tatted Up

  1. I love your ability to bring humor into pretty much every experience…what is life without laughter anyway?! I am excited for you and your family to get to Hawaii before too long and settle into that relaxation you’re longing for ❤️

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  2. When all was done, 2 surgeries, chemo, radiation we went to Hawaii. Ryan, Elisa, Jennifer, RJ, Hunter, Haylee and Christian….I still remember sitting on the plane, all of us, Ryan, Elisa behind me, Hunter and Haylee sitting next to me, and across the aisle Jennifer, Christian and RJ
    And I thought, I am a mother hen with all her chicks tucked warmly under me. Hahaha

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