Soul Seeds

So, I did this thing…

You may have read a post several months back about me starting up a Kickstarter campaign for my side project: Soul Seeds // Affirmation Deck. The Kickstarter was a success- massive thanks to all who supported and continue to support me! Once the decks were received by me, I went in a-banging and have gotten most of the pre-ordered decks out – with the exception of a few missing addresses… so if that’s you- PLEASE REACH OUT!!

But if that’s not you and you’re like- ‘wait, what?! I want one of those 52 card positive affirmation decks with dreamy geometric designs!’… To that I say- Don’t Worry, Be Happy because those babies are up for purchase on my website! ~ Sayyyyy whaaaaat!? ANOTHER website? ~ Yup, damn right! I have another website that I haven’t really done much with until now. Check it out to see awkward photos of myself and other yoga and affirmation related goodness. I also have additional dreams-a-brewin’ that I hope to get up in there sometime in the near future too.

Oh and since I apparently love purchasing domains and setting up websites, stay tuned for another side project in the works. Kewl shit, right?


Holidays and Hospitals

People always say that the holidays are crazy. And you know us, we wanted to keep our part of the crazy up-to-date this year too.

Driving back to my brother’s house after Christmas Day festivities, Harlon broke out in hives – all over his face and neck. We tried to go to an urgent care but they were closed for Christmas. So we gave him some Benadryl and things cleared up for a bit.

The next morning while driving up to Oregon, he started to break out again. It was just me and the boys so I was remaining as calm as possible while I figured out a game plan. He took some more meds and passed out as the hives cleared up again. Once we got to Bend, Oregon I had started to suspect the plastic tablet case he’d recently got was the culprit. Took that fucker off and Hives-Be-Gone!

I thought that was the beginning and the end of our ‘Crazy Christmastime’ but, sha right!

Later that night, two family members came down with ‘something’. Food poisoning was thought but the rest of us were ok. By the next day, Wyatt caught that ‘something’- vomiting all over. And once he stopped, I picked up where he left off…. and another family member was to follow soon after.

By Saturday, we all seemed to be back to somewhat OK so I prepared to get us packed and ready for an early morning drive back to my brother’s in NorCal on Sunday. As we were saying our goodbyes Sunday morning with the car packed and everyone pee-free… Wyatt projectile puked- literally as we walked to the front door. We gave him some stuff to settle his stomach and decided to wait a bit before leaving.

Nothing helped and he continued to vomit with every sip of water or juice. Nothing would stay down and blood started to streak his vomit. I rushed him to urgent care as blood filled his puke bags. I started to cry as the doctor hugged me. He didn’t like what he saw, I was scared, it was the anniversary of my dad’s passing, I was having flashbacks of both my parents in the hospital during the holidays. It was Crazy Town and I was the Mayor. We were then sent to the ER with the doctor notifying them we were on the way.

It took 2.5 hours and three groups of people (ER staff, NICU staff and eventually the Dream Team) to finally get enough blood for labs and to place the IV. He was screaming and severely dehydrated, begging me to get him out of there. I was sobbing, covered in vomit and feeling completely helpless. Thankfully Harlon was occupied by his now case-less tablet (because, no more medical shit, k?) and was with my step mom …. in a safe space so they couldn’t hear Wyatt screaming.

Abdominal ultrasounds were completed and blood tests were performed with the thought to eventually be that he caught the Norovirus. And with this, we were moved up to the pediatric floor where everyone had to gown up when entering the room.

It felt like a snail’s pace recovery. Not knowing when we would be able to get back home, I sobbed on the phone with airlines to find an available seat for an unaccompanied minor just so Harlon wouldn’t have to risk more contamination. That and I felt so guilty for him, spending his whole vacation with sick peeps. And not seeing snow like I had promised. I know it seems silly now but I felt so, so bad for him. But being so close to NYE, no seats were available.

John flew up and we were finally discharged later in the day New Years Eve. We monitored Wyatt closely that night- which was thankfully, vomit-free.

I am happy to report that we are all finally back home in Orange County and feeling good…. though extra tired. I am so grateful for my family and fantastic hospital staff. And for friends who listened to me text-freak-out throughout it all. How some of the fam made it out virus-free? No fucking clue. But glad they did. So, bye-bye 2019. Cheers to 2020. Let’s see what other (vomit and shit-free) adventures await!


It’s that time of year once again- a time of thanks, of gratitude, of…. WAIT- isn’t that everyday?! You’re D A M N R I G H T. Even though some days are more difficult than others, I do strive to take mindful moments throughout and notice what I’m grateful for. Sometimes that consists of jotting things down in my notebook and really contemplating. And sometimes it looks like me crashing in my bed after a shit-hole day and just being grateful I made it through.

When I was diagnosed in 2016, I was inspired… ok, really, I was bored in chemo and just trying to pass the time… to do a spin off of my usual ABC lists I had typically used to help me fall asleep at night… oh, and that one time used to keep my mind busy while large biopsy needles were inserted into my massive prego boobs. So to continue with my thankful and grateful traditions, I’ve put together my annual ABC’s of Gratitude again.

I always find it funny to look back and see what has changed, what’s similar and what is the same… word. for. word. That shit’s pretty weird. See for yourself. I guess new years, same me! 2016 2017 2018

Annnnnd new year, same sweatshirt if you went back the 2016 post

Quick reminder, these are things I am truly grateful for, no matter how big or small they seem. And since it’s my game, I make the rules. Here we go! {In my best Mario Kart voice}

A- Audiobooks From The Library

B- Be Well Yoga for Cancer Recovery & Bubble Baths

C- Community

D- Disney +

E- Edibles

F- Family, Friends & F-Bombs

G- My Mini-Herb Garden

H- Health, Home, & Those Damn Cute Hummingbirds

I- Incense & Intentions

J- Jobs I Truly Enjoy Showing Up To

K- A Sig-O Who Is Incredible In The Kitchen

L- L O V E

M- The Moon & Movie Quotes

N- Notes… Sticky Notes, Note Pads, Phone Notes, Notebooks

O- Other People Sharing Their Stories

P- Pete-Doggy-Dog

Q- Quite Time

R- Rain & Rainbows

S- Safe Spaces & Sweatpants

T- Our Tiny Humans

U- That ‘Vintage’ Episode of Sesame Street With Smokey Robinson Singing To The Letter U

V- Vehicles That Allow Us To Safely Get From Place To Place

W- White Vinegar… What Can I Say, I Really Enjoy Cleaning

X- X-tra Hot Showers

Y- Yoga Practices & My Young C Pals

Z- Zoloft

Wishing you all Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you, Thank you (I just told the kids you HAVE to say thank you twice on Thanksgiving) for reading and for being so rad. I am grateful for ALL of you!

And if you feel like putting it out there, tell me- What are you grateful for? 🍁